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BioCeuticals Herbal Range

For two decades, BioCeuticals has been a trusted leader in the innovation of therapeutic supplements in Australia. BioCeuticals herbal formulas are a natural evolution of our nutraceutical range. While our very first products were herbal medicines, we have continued to include botanicals in some of our best selling products.

Our herbal formulas are developed with a difference, adhering to four key pillars of quality assessment and featuring the BioCeuticals Quality Herbal Medicines logo on each product. Our herbal formulas seek to provide effective and well-researched formulations.

Our herbal formulas adhere to BioCeuticals’ insistence of optimum quality ingredients and the latest testing protocols for authentication of ingredients.

Where there is strong evidence and rationale, we will aim to provide a standardised extract to enhance our formula with greater biochemical consistency, reproducible biological activity and therapeutic activity.

The research supporting a herb must be compelling for its inclusion within a BioCeuticals product. We are committed to sourcing and using sustainable sources of herbs within our formulas, as stated in the BioCeuticals Sustainability Policy.

The BioCeuticals Quality Herbal Medicines logo is our stamp of quality, and your guarantee that our herbal medicines meet our strict requirements. Look for the distinguishable gold leaf on every label of your BioCeuticals herbal product.

The four pillars of BioCeuticals herbal formulations:

  • Adheres to stringent quality control procedures.
  • Uses evidence-based standardised extracts, where appropriate.
  • Features herbs supported by strong traditional use, empirical evidence, emerging scientific data or rigorous clinical trials.
  • Uses sustainable herbal ingredients.

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