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This account is only open to qualified healthcare practitioners. A practitioner account provides access to the technical product information and resources available on our website, and enables practitioners to view current deals and conveniently purchase stock. It also provides the ability for practitioners to create a web portal for their patients to order online.


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This account is open to students who are currently completing studies in ingestive therapies. Students in their final year of study are entitled to full website access and product purchasing. Once you have reached your degree completion date, you will need to apply for a full practitioner account. Students who are not in their final year are entitled to access our website however, these students are restricted from purchasing BioCeuticals® products until they are in their final year of study or have begun the clinic training section of their course.


This account is open to patients of qualified healthcare practitioners. A practitioner must provide a patient with a patient ordering referral code or a link on their website that contains a referral code. This account will allow patients to purchase BioCeuticals® products online only through the recommendation of their qualified healthcare practitioner.

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If you are a patient or consumer, please contact your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist for advice, or find your nearest practitioner here.

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