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  • How to place an Order

    There are 7 different ways to place an order on the Bioceuticals website. This video will step you thru all of them

    • Bulk order all in one hit
    • Directly from the Prodcut page
    • From the quick drop down menu selection
    • Convert a quote to an order
    • Monthly specials
    • Duplicate a previous order
    • Manually via a downloadable custom price list
  • How to change your password

    How to change your password when

    • You have already logged in and you know the current password
    • You don't know your current password and unable to log in but you have access to your assigned email
  • Children's dosage guidelines

    Childrens dosage guidelines

  • Bounced Emails

    identify the different type of bounces. 

    hard vs soft

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