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  • BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts Love your liver

    The liquid herbs in the BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts range are shaped by five pillars - organically grown and wildcrafted, made using time-honoured techniques, include a combination of fresh and dry, support sustainability and scientifically tested.

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    <span class="skin-color">BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts</span> Love your liver
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  • <span class="skin-color">Merry</span> Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    To spread the cheer this year, we have made a donation to provide 20,000 meals to Australians in need in partnership with OzHarvest.
    BioCeuticals Christmas & New Year closures:
    24 December 2019 – Orders must be in by 12pm for processing
    Christmas Day and Boxing Day – Closed
    31 December 2019 – Orders must be in by 12pm for processing
    New Year’s Day – Closed

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Welcome to BioCeuticals®

Your choice for high-quality, practitioner-only, nutritional and therapeutic supplements from a proudly Australian company. Renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of complementary therapies.


Latest Articles & News Highlights

The keto diet for weight loss
The keto diet for weight loss
2019-11-01 - The ketogenic diet or ‘keto diet’ is a dietary approach that has been used for decades to treat specific medical conditions, such as epilepsy… Read More »
Key herbs and nutrients to support healthy digestion
Key herbs and nutrients to support healthy digestion
2019-10-01 - The importance of a healthy digestive system has long been recognised by complementary health professionals including naturopaths and herbalists. This… Read More »
The importance of sleep quality to our health and how to create a sleep hygiene routine
The importance of sleep quality to our health and how to create a sleep hygiene routine
2019-09-03 - Sleep is often the first element of daily life to be sacrificed when you are feeling stressed or become time poor. Adequate sleep, along with food, water… Read More »

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Research Highlights

BioCeuticals supported clinical trial for healthy mood management receives national media coverage BioCeuticals is supporting a new University of Melbourne and University of Queensland study, which is looking at the role of nutrient-based supplements in healthy mood maintenance. The current eight-week NHMRC funded study is testing a combination of nutrients with individual evidence as mood-elevators (including S-adenosylmethionine, folic acid, omega-3, zinc and co-factors).  The aim of the study is to uncover and confirm the…
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Product Highlights

  • PepZin Pro

    Formulated with Polaprezinc (zinc carnosine) PepZinGI® and Lacidofil® probiotics

    Contains Polaprezinc (zinc carnosine) PepZinGI® a highly bioavailable chelated form of zinc.  Polaprezinc (zinc carnosine) PepZinGI® helps relieve symptoms of mild gastritis including gastrointestinal pain, nausea, abdominal distention and heartburn. Formulated with Lacidofil® which…

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  • Liquid Iron

    Featuring SunActive® Fe liquid iron, a more easily absorbed form of iron, gentle on the stomach.

    Contains SunActive® Fe, a micronised, dispersible iron containing ferric pyrophosphate coated in natural emulsifiers for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Iron supplementation helps to maintain iron levels in the body. Iron supports healthy red blood cell production, normal cognitive function…

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  • ArmaForce® Day & Night

    With andrographis to relieve symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections, and California poppy, traditionally used for sleep support and analgesia.

    ArmaForce® Day & Night provides standardised herbs including andrographis, baical skullcap, echinacea, elderberry and olive leaf. Andrographis reduces the symptoms associated with mild upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), including sore throat, a runny nose, headache, fatigue, cough and…

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  • PEA Liquid

    99% pure PEA, micronised to a 20um-25um particle size using laser diffraction.

    • PEA Liquid is micronised to a 20um-25um particle size using laser diffraction. • Presented in a coconut-derived (MCT) lipid suspension for ease of compounding. • 1mL contains 300mg PEA for easy dose calculation. • Synthesised from palmitic acid from sustainably sourced palm oil.…

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  • Calm Bursts

    Chewable kava containing capsules for convenient use, ease of dosing, and quick release.

    • Chewable capsules for convenient use, ease of dosing, and quick release.• Calm Bursts contain Vanuatuan kava standardised to 10% kavalactones.• Kava is a plant species native to the South Pacific and used traditionally in Pacific Island medicine to relieve mild anxiety.• Traditionally…

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  • Eczema Relief

    A probiotic and herbal combination to soothe the skin.

    Features traditionally used herbs chamomile and licorice root for the relief of mild eczema alongside iBiotics™ AU Lactobacillus brevis (DSM 17250) and lactoferrin. Licorice has a long history of topical use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for clearing heat and eliminating toxins related…

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  • CalmFactors For Juniors

    A blend of calming herbs and nutrients for children

    Valerian and passionflower are traditionally used in western herbal medicine to relieve restlessness, nervous energy and disturbed sleep. Supplemental choline supports cognitive function, when dietary intake is inadequate. Choline aids in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Contains the herbs valerian…

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  • Collagen Activ

    Formulated with clinically trialled VERISOL®, AstaReal® and Ceramosides™.

    • Vitamin C supports gastrointestinal (GI) mucosal membrane health.[4-5] • Collagen is found in the skin as well as in tissues such as the submucosa in the gut.[4-5] • Vitamin C is an antioxidant and supports collagen formation and skin elasticity.[1-3,33] • Contains AstaReal®…

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  • UltraBiotic F…rs for Juniors

    15 billion CFU per chewable tablet - no need for refrigeration.

    15 billion CFU per tablet, with strains specifically chosen for their benefit to children’s health. Helps maintain healthy digestive function. May assist in the management and relief of symptoms of mild eczema. Supports healthy immune system function. May reduce the incidence and duration of symptoms…

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  • UltraClean Om…rs for Juniors

    Tasty orange and berry flavoured chewable concentrated fish oils for kids.

    Supports healthy growth and development. Supports healthy brain development and cognitive function. Provides nutritional support for healthy eye function. Maintains and supports healthy immune function. Helps support the development, growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Tasty orange and…

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  • FemiPain

    Natural menstrual pain and PMS relief from high-dose standardised herbs.

    FemiPain combines zinc and thiamin (vitamin B1) with herbs traditionally used in western herbal medicine (WHM) and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to relieve menstrual pain. Ginger is traditionally used in WHM for its anti-inflammatory and carminative actions in the body that support the management…

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  • UltraBiotic I…rt For Juniors

    Clinically trialled; may reduce URTIs and pre-school absenteeism.

    Clinically trialled combination of Lab4 probiotics with vitamin C, used in the ProChild study.[1,2] May reduce the duration of colds. May reduce the incidence and duration of URTIs in children three to six years of age. May reduce the incidence of absence from pre-school in children aged three to six…

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  • PreBiome Fibre

    A highly soluble, prebiotic fibre to support bowel regularity and good bacteria

    • Contains Sunfiber®, the world’s most researched PHGG. • 5.6g of dietary fibre per 7.5g serve • Contains the juice of nine different berries and green tea extract for a natural source of polyphenols and catechins, including epigallocatechin gallete. • Supports bowel regularity.…

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