Clinical Programs
Comprehensive, multi-module educational programs designed to give you an in-depth understanding of complex conditions, including assessment tools and natural support strategies for these.

  • Unravelling CIRS-WDB An exploration of water-damaged building exposure and biotoxin illness

    A snapshot ... of the CIRS-WDB program available from September 2020: - 8-module online course - Prerecorded 90-minute sessions - Case studies and sample test reports - Downloadable notes and resources - Bonus audio interviews with leading CIRS-related experts. FEATURES OF THE PROGRAM This immersive and interactive program with Amie Skilton provides tangible and practical outcomes, when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of CIRS-WDB, including: - A holistic and comprehensive roadmap to safely and effectively identifying and treating the CIRS-WDB patient, including addressing the environment, pathology testing and diagnosis methods, and treatment strategies - A guide on how to recommend and implement treatment strategies - A high-quality and engaging learning program; the modules are recorded at ABC Studios in Sydney for premium audiovisual delivery - Sessions can be accessed any time, anywhere, with unlimited access to re-watch the modules - Includes online quizzes for revision, and the ability to check learning outcomes, as well as earn CPD points - Bonus audio interviews with CIRS-related experts exploring current and emerging evidence and challenges, as well as key strategies to ensure comprehensive patient management CPD information - 12 hours of learning

    Presented By: Ms Amie Skilton ND, Dip Herb Med. BHSc (Comp Med)

    Cost: $ Free

  • Blackmores Professional Mineral Therapy Course - 2020

    When prescribed by a healthcare professional mineral therapy, is a popular standalone or adjunctive therapy based on the foundations of naturopathic tradition, suitable for patients of all ages and economical, which encourages patient compliance and therefore results. Minerals Studied The 11 salts studied are calcium (calcium fluoride, phosphate and sulfate), potassium (potassium chloride, phosphate and sulfate), magnesium (magnesium phosphate), sodium (sodium phosphate and sulfate), iron (iron phosphate) and silicon dioxide. Learning Objectives Understand the biochemical and physiological roles of the 11 mineral salts of mineral therapy. Understand the individual applications of the 11 mineral salts of mineral therapy. Assess mineral deficiencies by identifying the key signs and symptoms. CPD accreditation ATMS/ANTA/CMA/NHAA - 5 hours of learning

    Presented By: BioCeuticals Editor

    Cost: $ Free

  • DNA testing in practice

    A comprehensive education program designed for healthcare practitioners to expand their knowledge of genetics in nutritional medicine. The program consists of 10 modules. They will focus on the relationship between specific genetic variants (SNPs) and their associated health conditions as well as discussing the appropriate therapeutic interventions based on patients’ DNA testing results. This course will help you maximise the potential of genetic testing to personalise patient outcomes. CPD information ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA - 18 hours of learning NOTE: BioCeuticals no longer offers DNA testing services. Our best recommendation is myDNA’s Comprehensive Health Report (BioCeuticals previously partnered with myDNA to offer the services mentioned in this program) available to Australian and New Zealand practitioners. Find out more, including ordering test kits, on the myDNA testing service by following this link: https://www.mydna.life/comprehensive-health-report/

    Presented By: Dr Denise Furness PhD BSc RNutr REP

    Cost: $ Free

  • Celloids Online Masterclass Series - Christina Scalone - 2019

    This online workshop is an excellent opportunity for students and experienced practitioners to learn dozens of valuable tips and prescribing techniques. Presented by Christina Scalone who has over 34 years of clinical experience, the lessons include treatment strategies and years of insights on the application of mineral therapy, as a stand-alone therapy and how to use them adjunctively with herbs to support a range of conditions. Christina Scalone Adv D Nat, Adv DWHM, Adv D Hom, Adv D Nut Med, DCH Christina remains incredibly passionate about naturopathic medicine after 34 years of experience and is known as an influential practitioner. She was taught by Denis Stewart and since then, Christina has had a diverse career that includes a number of successful clinics, working with doctors. Christina has been a popular college lecturer and clinic supervisor, in addition to having her own busy private practice. Learning Objectives Gain more confidence in dispensing a range of modalities that complement each other and how to use a personalised prescribing style for better clinical outcomes Acquire the ability to manage difficult conditions Discover the role of mineral therapy when dispensed adjunctively with herbs to improve patient outcomes and as a stand-alone modality Identify the key characteristics of personalised prescribing Gain confidence in how to interpret presenting body signs and symptoms Learn different dosing strategies for acute and chronic conditions CPD information - 5 hours of learning

    Presented By: Ms Christina Scalone Adv D Nat, Adv DWHM, Adv D Hom, Adv D Nut Med, DCH

    Cost: $ Free

  • Integrative Oncology In Practice

    Experience an immersive and interactive program with Lise Alschuler where successful case studies are presented and reviewed, providing a tangible and practical learning experience. Utilise the Q&A facility to ask questions and make comments. These are collected and curated for use in exclusive Q&A sessions with Lise Alschuler. 1 hour Q&A session, based on module content and case studies, released one week after a module launch. All sessions can be accessed in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, with unlimited access to re-watch modules. Online quizzes allow for revision and to check your learning, as well as earning CPD points. Please note: all costs are in Australian dollars CPD information ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA - 24 hours of learning

    Presented By: Dr. Lise Alschuler ND, FABNO

    Cost: $ Free