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The Menopause Journey: Mitigating Matters of the Heart

The Menopause Journey: Mitigating Matters of the Heart

  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death across the developed and developing world.1
  • In Australia, over half a million women had 1 or more heart, stroke, or vascular disease in 2017-18, and more than 22,000 died from CVD in 2016.2

While the awareness of CVD in females has gained momentum in the last few decades, particularly amongst health professionals, female patients are not adopting CVD preventative recommendations because of their perception of risk. Compared to a decade earlier, in 2019, females were 74% less likely to identify heart disease as the leading cause of death, and twice as likely (16.5% versus 7.9%) to identify breast cancer versus heart disease as the leading cause.3

CVD includes coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, as well as transient ischemic attacks (TIA) and stroke. As clinicians, we need to confidently identify those at risk, particularly during the menopause journey. While family history and ethnicity are non-modifiable risk factors, 80-90% of CVD is preventable by targeting the modifiable risk factors including hypertension, dyslipidaemia, dysglycaemia/insulin resistance4 as well as lifestyle factors including smoking status, diet, exercise, alcohol, and sleep.

In this clinical masterclass Sandra will discuss assessing for and identifying the cardiometabolic risk factors, as well as the diseases that these risk factors lead to including diabetes, metabolic syndrome and metabolic dysfunction associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD) (formerly known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Sandra will outline the link between cardiometabolic risk factors and the risk for dementia and cognitive decline and will discuss the key nutritional recommendations, herbal therapeutics and evidence-based dietary and lifestyle interventions needed to support these conditions.

Observational studies have shown that female reproductive milestones including menstrual cyclicity, adverse pregnancy outcomes, breast cancer treatments and menopause are associated with potential cardiovascular risk, and Sandra will review the recommendations for minimising risk during these key milestones.5

Finally, Sandra will share one of her cases, showing how these concepts translate into actionable insights and patient management strategies for your own practice. You will have the opportunity to ask Sandra questions to gain her clinical perspectives and ensure you leave with the confidence to effectively support women’s cardiometabolic health during their menopausal journey.

1 Stuenkel C. A. (2024). Reproductive milestones across the lifespan and cardiovascular disease risk in women. Climacteric : the journal of the International Menopause Society, 27(1), 5–15. https://doi.org/10.1080/13697137.2023.2259793

3 Cushman, M., Shay, C. M., Howard, V. J., Jiménez, M. C., Lewey, J., McSweeney, J. C., Newby, L. K., Poudel, R., Reynolds, H. R., Rexrode, K. M., Sims, M., Mosca, L. J., & American Heart Association (2021). Ten-Year Differences in Women's Awareness Related to Coronary Heart Disease: Results of the 2019 American Heart Association National Survey: A Special Report From the American Heart Association. Circulation, 143(7), e239–e248. https://doi.org/10.1161/CIR.0000000000000907

Rippe J. M. (2018). Lifestyle Strategies for Risk Factor Reduction, Prevention, and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. American journal of lifestyle medicine, 13(2), 204–212. https://doi.org/10.1177/1559827618812395

5 Stuenkel C. A. (2024). Reproductive milestones across the lifespan and cardiovascular disease risk in women. Climacteric : the journal of the International Menopause Society, 27(1), 5–15. https://doi.org/10.1080/13697137.2023.2259793


The content of Clinical Mastery is intended to provide high level information for healthcare professionals and may not include all relevant information in relation to medications/drug interactions/product ingredients. Specific and tailored advice is required for each patient.

Please note that at this time registrations for this live educational event are only open to Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals and/or students who meet the BioCeuticals account application requirements.

NZ Practitioners: Please contact your Practitioner Sales Consultant to register – Kieran Heath [email protected]

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This event is 1 x 90-min session only.

  • Refine assessment of the perimenopausal/post-menopausal patient to identify those with cardiometabolic risk factors.
  • Utilise the risk assessment tools to assess and discuss risk and management.
  • Learn to implement the targeted diet and lifestyle interventions to reduce risk and manage cardiometabolic presentations. 
  • Apply nutraceutical and herbal interventions to reduce risk and manage hypertension, pre-diabetes, diabetes and dyslipidaemia.
  • Familiarise with the risk for dementia and cognitive decline associated with cardiometabolic risk factors.
  • Identify the need for appropriate referral.

CPD points apply. The webinar is classified as 1.5 hours of learning.


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Sandra Villella

Sandra Villella has been a naturopath and herbalist for over 3 decades. After graduating from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1993, she completed a Master of Applied Science Acupuncture. She runs a busy naturopathic practice, with a strong focus on women’s health and has a particular interest in midlife health.

Sandra is also the consultant naturopath and clinical leader for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, Australia’s leading women’s health organisation, a position she has held since 1999. As well as working in the Jean Hailes Medical clinics, as part of a collaborative health care team with general practitioners, medical specialists and other allied health professionals, she is responsible for the development of educational resources on natural therapies for women, for the website, national magazine, webinars and seminars, for both the general public and health professionals. She also creates recipes for the “Jean Hailes kitchen” which provide health based nutritional educational messages.

Sandra was recently awarded the Barbara Gross award for the best free communication for her presentation “Lifestyle & complementary medicine influence on cognition at midlife” at the 26th annual Australasian Menopause Society, in Queenstown New Zealand.

Sandra supervises final-year naturopathy students at Torrens University, Melbourne campus. 


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