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Volume 95 : FX Medicine Summer 2020
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Volume 95 : FX Medicine Summer 2020

Volume 95 : FX Medicine Summer 2020

Published: 2020-01-28
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Author: BioCeuticals

In this summer 2020 issue of FX Medicine Magazine, you will find a special section dedicated to articles from our internationally renowned speakers confirmed for the 8th BioCeuticals Research Symposium! Furthermore, we have included a registration form for you on on page 20 – register before 7 February to save $100 with our Early Bird special!

This issue also features the following:

Clinical section: Educator Amie Skilton explains chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS).
Health hypothesis: Continuing on our toxicity theme, Sophia Power discusses “Do binding agents have a practical application in mitigating damage from environmental toxins?”
Seminar review: Bree Ponton reviews The Science of Ketosis national seminar.
Featured products: Our skin health range for summer, including two new products.
Patient’s corner: This patient-friendly handout focuses on BioCeuticals Calm Bursts, made with kava.

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