MultiGest® Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes with Gentian and Fennel

MultiGest® Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes with Gentian and Fennel

Serving Type: Capsule

Available In Sizes: 90 capsules, 180 capsules

MultiGest® Enzymes combines plant-derived enzymes with lactase assisting in the digestion of lactose and bromelains aiding in the digestion of proteins. Gentian has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine (WHM) to stimulate gastric secretions, relieve loss of appetite and promote healthy digestive system function. Gentian and fennel have been traditionally used in WHM to relieve digestive discomfort and the symptoms of indigestion such as bloating. Fennel has also been traditionally used in WHM to relieve flatulence.

Product Information

Each capsule contains:
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value †
Amylase 12000 DU (80 mg)
Protease 30000 HUT (45 mg)
Lipase 500 LipU (25 mg)
Tilactase 1500 ALU (17.2 mg)
Cellulase 1000 CU (6.7 mg)
Bromelains 1.2 million PU (40 mg)
Herbal extracts dry concentrate:
Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) seed 167 mg
equiv. to dry
1.67 mg
Gentiana lutea (gentian) root 134 mg
equiv. to dry
670 mg

DU = alpha-amylase dextrinising units; HUT = haemoglobin unit tyrosine base; LipU = lipase unit; ALU = acid lactase unit; CU = cellulase unit.

Adults: Maximum of 3 capsules a day, or as professionally prescribed.

For digestion of lactose: Take 3 capsules with a lactose-containing meal.

For digestion of protein: Take 1 capsule with a protein-containing meal.

For all other indications: Take 1 capsule three times a day. Take with food.


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