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BioCeuticals to oppose TGA reforms
Date: 2013-07-15
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BioCeuticals is calling on practitioner clients to join us in protecting our industry’s credibility and professionalism by submitting an objection to proposed changes by the therapeutic goods administration (TGA). These proposed changes will damage the complementary medicines industry and ultimately categorise naturopaths, herbalists and homeopaths as “general public” from July 2014.
What are the proposed changes?

The TGA has put forward eight proposals for reform of advertising of therapeutic goods to the general public. If these changes are passed by law, they will disadvantage the Australian complementary medicine industry’s qualified practitioners, patients and manufacturers.

One of the proposals that BioCeuticals strongly opposes is:

Proposal 6: Advertising directed to health professionals
BioCeuticals supports “Option 1 - Maintain the current system”.

The TGA has proposed to categorise naturopaths, herbalists and homeopaths as general public with the aim to regulate materials produced for healthcare professionals in order “to manage public health risks”. However, it will result in significantly less scientific and technical information provided by practitioner-only companies such as BioCeuticals to practitioners, particularly relating to the ingredients used in our products, their therapeutic actions, background and mechanistic data relating to indications, the conditions or population groups a product is most suitable for and actual or theoretical contraindications.

Under the TGA reforms, naturopaths, herbalists and homeopaths will not be recognised as practitioners until these groups are listed under the National Registration Accreditation Scheme (NRAS), and future information to them will be heavily restricted, limiting the advice they can offer to consumers.

BioCeuticals taking action against reforms

BioCeuticals has and will always maintain its purpose to ensure complementary medicines are an integral part of the Australian allied health industry. BioCeuticals products are developed by integrative health practitioners, for integrative health practitioners and we are committed to protecting our professional expertise as well as your business.

Earlier this week, BioCeuticals representatives together with other industry members attended a meeting with the complementary healthcare council (CHC) to discuss taking action against the proposed changes. The CHC is working for the benefit of our industry and will soon issue a revised position statement for consideration.

We strongly oppose the TGA’s reforms and are aligned with the CHC and industry in sharing concerns for our profession.

BioCeuticals has moved to protect practitioners, patients and manufacturers by formulating a detailed response to the proposals, which highlights our concerns and lists our preferred options to the proposals.
What can you and other healthcare practitioners do?
  1. Read the full consultation paper to understand how these changes will affect you. Download it here.
  2. Have your say! Write to the TGA to express your objection around the proposals that specifically affect you and your patients, and convey your knowledge, professionalism and commitment to the complementary medicines industry. For Proposal 6, highlight your support for “Option 1 - Maintain the current system” and your opposition to “Option 2 - Only recognise health practitioners regulated under the Health Professionals Regulation National Law”. Lodge your submission here by 19 July 2013. Refer to information under “Content of submissions” and “How to respond” for instructions on how to lodge your submission.
  3. We encourage you and your patients to contact your local Federal Members of parliament and express your concerns - we can speak louder with one, unified voice.
  4. Let your patients know that they too can have their say by submitting their own feedback to the TGA.

If you would like more information on how to submit your objection to the TGA’s reforms, please contact our customer service team on 1300 650 455.
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