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The 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium, 27 - 29 April 2018, Melbourne

The 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium, 27 - 29 April 2018, Melbourne
Date: 2018-05-11
Author: Ravinder Lilly BSc (Diet) MA
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The 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium wrapped up on Sunday 29 April 2018.
Over three days, nearly 500 delegates were inspired, entertained and educated by an international line-up of autoimmune experts.

Calendar highlight
BioCeuticals’ managing director, Eyal Wolstin, opened the major event, Restoring the Balance: Strategies for Managing Immune-Mediated Dysfunction, in the Australian naturopathy calendar.

Thyroid health
Speakers included integrative specialist, Dr Amy Myers, who detailed the eight ways that conventional medicine was failing people with thyroid disorders and the potential benefits of nutritional and herbal treatments. The New York Times best-selling author shared her effective approaches to restoring thyroid health.

Autoimmunity and children
Renowned paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song, outlined the alarming rise of autoimmunity and chronic conditions in children. If the incidence rates continue to rise at the same level they currently are, autism would affect an incredible one in four children in the not too distant future, she said.

Inspiration through diet and supplements
Physician, and living proof of the benefits of integrative medicine, Dr Terry Wahls detailed her multiple sclerosis journey from diagnosis to wheelchair and how research, diet and supplementation had restored her health. Expanding on the current suggestion of seven servings of vegetables and fruits daily, she relayed her health-giving experience of nine cups of fruits and vegetables highlighting sulphur-containing brassicas, leafy green vegetables and highly pigmented produce.

Dietary pioneer
BioCeuticals was delighted to welcome a world authority in autoimmunity, Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld.

His extensive clinical and scientific works focus on autoimmunity and rheumatic diseases; he has published more than 1980 academic and peer-reviewed papers on number aspects of the complex subject of autoimmunity, an area in which is he an undisputed global expert.

In a series of highly entertaining and illuminating presentations, medical pioneer Professor Shoenfeld delved deep into the proactive and potently-harmful effects of diet. High-quality chocolate, curcumin and chilli were protective for all immunity while coffee and salt was detrimental to some autoimmune conditions with coffee being beneficial for others.

Practical approaches to ketogenesis
In a late addition to the line-up, researcher and NASA crew member, Dr Dominic D’Agostino, detailed the practical benefits of ketogenesis for health, making distinct and positive comparisons with diabetic ketosis, a completely different and potentially life-threatening condition. Ketosis, as he explained, in non-diabetic individuals has the potential to be used as alternate therapies for neurological disorders, wound healing and cancer.

Awarding excellence
Integrative specialists throughout the country were honoured at the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards, at a special gala dinner on the Saturday night, hosted by Australian comedian, Corinne Grant.