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Clinical Services

Contrary to our April 2020 InFocus newsletter, Clinical Services will unfortunately be experiencing a delay in the transition to our new laboratory partner, which means we will be delaying the launch of our new SNP profiles and test kits until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and we are able to resume business as usual. As a result of this, our operations have been revised.

Effective 1 May 2020 and until 30 June 2020, our lab will be running tests on a fortnightly basis, in place of a weekly basis.
From 1st July until 31st August, our lab will be running tests on a weekly basis.
In September, the transition to our new lab will occur.

During this time, all remaining operations, including test kits, activation process, education and practitioner support remains available for practitioners as per normal. We will continue to support you build this new and important part of your business.

DNA testing

The age of personalised medicine has arrived with BioCeuticals Clinical Services DNA testing. While practitioners have long known that everyone is different, only recently have we been able to address an individual's health needs according to their unique genetic profile. The tailoring of treatment to patients has always been a fundamental feature of functional and complementary medicine. Now, advances in genetic testing mean we can determine how a person's genes may influence their health as well as identify more suitable treatment protocols to help optimise overall wellbeing.


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