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BioCeuticals Vitamin D3 Range: Accurate dose, low risk contamination and high-strength

BioCeuticals Vitamin D3 Range:  Accurate dose, low risk contamination and high-strength
Date: 2013-02-14
Author: - Editor
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With BioCeuticals supplements, you can expect precision with all our products, including our renowned oral liquid emulsion D3 Drops, which deliver accurately measured drop sizes for a successful treatment plan.

Recent findings by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, discovered that some vitamin D products sold in stores contain anywhere from 9 – 140% of the doses listed on the supplement’s label. Though none of the supplements studied were likely to be dangerous, many contained far too little of the vitamin to effectively treat people with a deficiency, the researchers said.

The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, tested 55 bottles of vitamin D3 from 12 different over-the-counter (OTC) brands. Alarmingly, researchers also found a variation among different supplements in the same bottle.

These findings bring to light the importance of choosing high quality, practitioner-only nutritional supplements, recommended with advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner.

“BioCeuticals practitioner-only vitamin D3 supplements include a percentage overage to ensure strength at date of expiry,” said BioCeuticals Innovations Manager, Kate McFadyen.

“Our Quality Team assesses each batch before being released, ensuring adequate but not excessive amounts of cholecalciferol in the product.

“Liquids by nature are more exposed than capsules. Therefore, we have developed a patent pending preservation method for our BioCeuticals D3 liquids to ensure the product meets label claim at expiry. BioCeuticals D3 Drops and D3 Drops Forte have a unique restriction flow cap for accurate dosage application and safety,” added Ms McFadyen.

BioCeuticals supplements, including our D3 Capsules, D3 Drops and D3 Drops Forte, lead the Australian market for innovative, high quality, high dose nutritional medicines. 

BioCeuticals liquid supplements are unique in their form of convenient delivery, high-strength formulations and accuracy in measured doses. Our products are trusted for the research and development behind each formulation, including our patent-pending D3 Drops and D3 Drops Forte, currently under clinical trial at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW.

BioCeuticals practitioner-only Liquid Vitamins and Minerals Range offers patients so much more, including:

Vegetarian: BioCeuticals liquid supplements boast vegetarian formulas that are free of animal ingredients.

Natural flavours: BioCeuticals pleasant-tasting liquids are flavoured only with natural or nature-identical ingredients, and are free from harmful additives.

Accurate dose: With BioCeuticals liquid supplements, you can expect precision with all our products which deliver accurately measured drop sizes for a successful treatment plan.

Low risk contamination: BioCeuticals liquid supplements are easily delivered by an oral spray aimed directly into the mouth or drops added to a drink. Our unique drop and spray caps remove the necessity of measuring out liquids, promoting a cleaner form of dosing. This offers a lower contamination risk compared to other liquid products.

BioCeuticals practitioner-only products are available only from qualified healthcare practitioners, and are stocked in the dispensary section of selected local pharmacies and health food stores. 

For more information about BioCeuticals practitioner-only products, please contact the BioCeuticals tollfree support hotline on 1300 650 455 or email [email protected] to speak with either our technical professionals or a customer service representative.