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BioCeuticals fish oils meet and exceed label claim

BioCeuticals fish oils meet and exceed label claim
Date: 2015-01-22
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BioCeuticals can provide full assurance in the strength, quality, purity and label claim of its trusted fish oil supplements, in light of research claiming 29 of 32 other fish oil brands available in New Zealand did not contain the levels of EPA and DHA stated on their label.

The research, published in Nature Journal, also showed some brands had alarming levels of oxidation. Although no brands were identified in the study, the limited data on label claim and country of origin that was provided could not be correlated with any BioCeuticals product. Regardless, as a supplier of quality fish oil supplements, BioCeuticals would like to highlight some limitations of the study, as identified by GOED:

  • None of the 30% products tested actually contained 30% EPA+DHA. All but one were in the 17-19% range. Because of the consistency of the results, it seems likely that the authors were using a method that yields incomplete results. The authors did disclose their method and did not follow the accepted AOCS, European Pharmacopeia, or GOED Voluntary Monograph methods, although it is unclear whether the authors' method was validated.
  • The authors did not use the TGA-approved European Pharmacopeia methods for measuring EPA and DHA content and appear to have modified the approved methods for measuring oxidation.
  • The authors' statement that "oxidation may at least in part account for the low n-3 PUFA levels" suggests a lack of general knowledge of lipid analysis. The amount of n-3 PUFA lost to the oxidation implied by high pAV and PV is too low to be picked up by FAME analysis.
  • Supplements tested were bought from retail stores and the authors have not investigated whether there was any storage issue.
  • No brands are named so the results cannot be compared to other tests on the same batch.

BioCeuticals can fully reassure our clients and patients that our supplements were not tested in the study, and all our products absolutely meet their label claim.


How does BioCeuticals ensure quality, purity and strength of its fish oils?
Our fish oil is independently tested a minimum of three times for EPA and DHA levels from the time the fish are harvested until the capsules are bottled.

BioCeuticals is a member of the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA omega-3s (GOED), which imposes strict international quality requirements for member products. BioCeuticals fish oil supplements meet and exceed each and every standard set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and GOED.

There are several different ways to test EPA and DHA levels in fish oil and the validated methods used for our products gives us confidence that they maintain their freshness, quality and are true to label.

In addition, we have a stability program that ensures batches are quality tested by both an independent laboratory as well as our own quality assurance team. This quality evaluation ensures our fish oil retains its purity and potency throughout their shelf life.

Every BioCeuticals product sold in Australia and New Zealand comes through our facility at Alexandria in Sydney for further quality evaluation.

How does BioCeuticals limit exposure to dangerous heavy metals and pesticides?
BioCeuticals uses only fish that are naturally lower in toxins and advanced manufacturing technologies that further purify the extracted fish oil. These decisions ensure that any amount of toxins in our final fish oil product is negligible.

All products, including BioCeuticals fish oils, adhere closely to manufacturer specifications and none of our products exceed chemical guidelines for oxidation markers. 

How can practitioners ensure they recommend a high quality fish oil?
The proof is on the label! For quality and purity assurance, look for the GOED logo on your fish oil labels, as well as a purity monograph which highlights the amount of pollutants in your supplements.

When choosing and recommending a fish oil, it is important to select a product that has been processed and stored properly and has been thoroughly tested for oxidation by-products.

For more information about the quality, strength and purity of BioCeuticals fish oil supplements, please ask your practitioner sales consultant for a copy of our patient booklet “What Fish Oil Am I?” or call 1300 650 455.