Clinical Mastery - Chronic Pelvic Pain: Navigating Comorbidities and Complexities to Improve Treatment (90-minute session) - 2024

Clinical Mastery - Chronic Pelvic Pain: Navigating Comorbidities and Complexities to Improve Treatment (90-minute session) - 2024

Chronic pain is one of the top 5 health concerns affecting women in Australia, with chronic pelvic pain (CCP) estimated to affect between 15-25%. While endometriosis is the most common cause of CCP, accounting for up to 40% of cases, other causes of CPP exist. Regardless of the underlying cause, CPP has a negative impact on the quality of life of affected patients. Women with CPP are also likely to report other health conditions, most notably depression and anxiety but also poorer social and academic engagement and sexual relationships.

Our understanding of pain processing, nociception, and the underlying pain mechanisms that can cause CPP has expanded in recent years, with evidence emerging on the intrinsic role of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems in this condition.

During this 90-minute masterclass, clinical naturopath and pain specialist Ananda Mahony presents her advanced understanding of CPP and shares valuable clinical insights for managing this complex condition including:
• The complex interplay of the nervous-endocrine-immune ensemble (NEI)
• Her 4 Principles of CPP assessment
• Treatment strategies for addressing CPP
• How to manage patients with complex and chronic pain

Access this webinar to see how Ananda navigates a case of complex CPP in a 42-year-old woman post-hysterectomy with comorbid Irritable Bowel Syndrome and interstitial cystitis. Ananda will take you through her clinical approach, assessment tools, as well as treatment strategies used to address the wider drivers of chronic pain.

This session was facilitated by our fx Medicine Ambassador and naturopath Lisa Costa-Bir, who supported this important conversation with her own clinical experiences navigating CPP with her patients.

Presented by Ananda Mahony and co-resented by Lisa Costa-Bir

CPD information:
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA –1.5 hour of learning.

* The content of Clinical Mastery is intended to provide high level information for healthcare professionals and may not include all relevant information in relation to medications/drug interactions/product ingredients. Specific and tailored advice is required for each patient.

** Please note that this webinar is only open to Australian healthcare professionals and/or students who meet the BioCeuticals account application requirements.

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