Clinical Mastery - Supporting Women Through the Neurological Rewiring of Perimenopause (90-minute session) - 2023

Clinical Mastery - Supporting Women Through the Neurological Rewiring of Perimenopause (90-minute session) - 2023

For many women, the two to ten years leading up to the final period can be a time of neurological symptoms, including higher perceived stress, depression, anxiety, brain fog, migraines, irritability, and insomnia. Yet, many patients do not receive the treatment they need because they're mistakenly told, "It can't be perimenopause because their cycles are still regular," or "It can't be perimenopause because their results are normal."

In this 90-minute webinar, renowned naturopath and author Lara Briden outlines the four stages of perimenopause and explains how the process of change can start as young as a woman's late 30s. She also explores menopause through the lens of evolutionary biology and builds the case that perimenopause is a normal life phase and should not be inherently symptomatic. Instead, perimenopausal symptoms are the result of "evolutionary mismatch," which are symptoms and disease risks that arise from living in an environment that differs substantially from that in which we evolved.

In this informative education presentation, Lara discusses the assessment and differential diagnosis of perimenopause and investigates the underlying mechanisms of neurological change, including elevated histamine, decreased GABAergic tone, choline deficiency, and a shift towards reduced insulin sensitivity and brain energy. She also provides treatment strategies including oral micronised progesterone and key herbal medicines and nutrients that support healthy nervous system function.

Finally, Lara presents one of her patient stories, showing how the concepts translate into actionable insights and patient management strategies.

During the session, Lara covers:
• Assessment of perimenopause
• Treatment to correct evolutionary mismatch
• Strategies to target the underlying mechanisms and Lara provides therapeutic ranges for all recommendations.
• The case of Bernadette - Bernadette has brain fog, fatigue, waking at 5 a.m., shoulder pain, and reduced ability to cope with stress. Lara goes through her case taking, assessment, and treatment.

Presented by Lara Briden.

CPD information:
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA –1.5 hour of learning.

* The content of Clinical Mastery is intended to provide high level information for healthcare professionals and may not include all relevant information in relation to medications/drug interactions/product ingredients. Specific and tailored advice is required for each patient.

** Please note that this webinar is only open to Australian healthcare professionals and/or students who meet the BioCeuticals account application requirements.

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