Clinical Mastery - The Neuro-Psycho-Angio Basis of Endometriosis (90-minute session) - 2023

Clinical Mastery - The Neuro-Psycho-Angio Basis of Endometriosis (90-minute session) - 2023

Endometriosis is a chronic condition with pain as the central symptom that persists despite treatment, and often despite improvement in general health and wellbeing. Pain processing, nociception, and underlying pain mechanisms of endometriosis have expanded in recent years.

Our understanding of endometriosis has progressed beyond the bacterial hypothesis, hormonal interplay, hormonal resistance, and suspected immunological drivers of the condition. We now know that there exists a fundamental neurological and neuropathic difference in these individuals. People with endometriosis present with neurocircuitry, emotional processing, and psychology that is uniquely specific.

Ectopic endometriotic implants recruit their own unique neural and vascular supplies through neuro-angiogenesis which influence dorsal root neurons within the central nervous system increasing pain perception. Endometriosis cells are likely to be beyond the simplified model of the condition in current perception.

The bridge between neuroplasticity, the endocannabinoid system, inflammation, pain interpretation, neural patterning, and the methodology to repair these pain pathways need to be linked in translatable treatment approaches to support our patients.

In this informative educational presentation, Leah reviews this new understanding of endometriosis and outline how we, as clinicians, can evolve our treatment and assessment of this condition beyond current approaches and address the complexity with holistic, directive, and strategic measures for the health of our patients now and into the future.

During the session Leah covers:
• The complexity of endometriosis as a condition, and the unique features of endometriosis cells immunologically, neurologically, psychologically, vascularly, and clinically.
• The impact of trauma on endometriosis – women with endometriosis reported significantly more often than control women a history of sexual abuse, emotional abuse and emotional neglect (Liebermann et al, 2018). The impact of childhood abuse and miscarriage have also been documented. Leah posed the question: What if endometriosis cells were physiological and cellular vehicles for trauma?
• How to support patients with endometriosis with persistent pain and repair their pain interpretation and pain processing.
• The key complementary medicine treatment interventions for inflammation, persistent pain and repairing neuronal signalling.
• A case of endometriosis with significant pain - Dx at 15 years and Hx 4 laparoscopies. Conventional analgesics were proving ineffective.

Presented by Leah Hechtman

CPD information:
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA –1.5 hour of learning.

* The content of Clinical Mastery is intended to provide high level information for healthcare professionals and may not include all relevant information in relation to medications/drug interactions/product ingredients. Specific and tailored advice is required for each patient.

** Please note that this webinar is only open to Australian healthcare professionals and/or students who meet the BioCeuticals account application requirements.

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