Clinical Mastery – Genetics, the Missing Puzzle Piece for Oestrogen-Related Disorders (2 x 60-minute sessions) – 2022

Clinical Mastery – Genetics, the Missing Puzzle Piece for Oestrogen-Related Disorders (2 x 60-minute sessions) – 2022

Session 1 Genetics, the Missing Puzzle Piece for Oestrogen-Related Disorders

Abnormal oestrogen metabolism has been linked with many symptoms and conditions including endometriosis, fibroids, heavy menstrual bleeding, PCOS and skin related problems such as acne and rashes. Over two Clinical Mastery sessions, geneticist and clinical nutritionist, Dr Denise Furness will translate new research and outline the profound health impacts of methylation and the key genes that code for enzymes required to support oestrogen metabolism including COMT, MTHFR, GSTP1 and NQO1.

Over two sessions, Dr Furness will advance your understanding of the activity of key enzymes involved in hormone metabolism and their interaction with nutrients and environmental exposures with special attention paid to hormonal disorders such as PCOS and endometriosis.

During the session Dr Denise Furness covers:
• Investigations to identify hormonal imbalances
• Why order a genetic profile?
• MTHFR 677 and 1298 and their impact on homocysteine levels, methionine, and SAM production
• How to support COMT and methylation
• Caloric restriction and riboflavin levels and NQO1 activity.
• GSTP1 and NQO1 and their role in hormone-related conditions
• Supporting glutathione levels
• PCOS genes and associated treatment options
• Endometriosis genes and associated options.

Presented by Dr Denise Furness

Session 2 SNP-guided Optimisation Protocols for Endo and PCOS

Geneticist and nutritionist, Dr Denise Furness and naturopath Kate O’Flynn translate the research highlights and patient management insights from Session 1 Genetics, the missing Puzzle Piece for Oestrogen-Related Disorders into actionable insights that you can effortlessly integrate into your clinical practice.

Denise guides you through the SNP-guides optimisation protocols that she uses successfully to help manage endometriosis and PCOS. This masterclass features the combined experience of two renowned clinicians to ensure you return to your clinic with greater confidence supporting female patients with oestrogen-related disorders.

Presented By: Dr Denise Furness and Kate O’Flynn

CPD information:
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA – Each session is 1 hour of learning.

* The content of Clinical Mastery is intended to provide high level information for healthcare professionals and may not include all relevant information in relation to medications/drug interactions/product ingredients. Specific and tailored advice is required for each patient.

** Please note that this webinar is only open to Australian healthcare professionals and/or students who meet the BioCeuticals account application requirements.

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