Inflamed Mood, Depleted Mind - Amie Skilton - 2020

Inflamed Mood, Depleted Mind - Amie Skilton - 2020

A scientific and integrated approach to mental health.

Mood disorders significantly reduce an individual''s quality of life and may result in potentially devastating consequences. These conditions are incredibly common, yet effective medical treatments for a majority of sufferers still elude us. Over the last decade, research has revealed these ailments as true physiological and biochemical illnesses. Thus, correction of these internal imbalances through better lifestyle, diet and supplementation are emerging as equally important as counselling.

In this two-part webinar you will learn about:

Part 1
• Poor mental health and declining CNS health
• Neurotransmitters, their pathways and impacts on mental health
• Stress and anxiety
• Inflammation’s role to negative impacts to mental and CNS health

Part 2
• The microbiome-gut-brain axis
• The influence of SNPs on mental health and neurotransmitters
• Treatment guideline

CPD information:
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA – 2 hours of learning.

Presented By: Ms Amie Skilton ND, Dip Herb Med. BHSc (Comp Med)
Category: Webinars


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