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Webinar The Clinical Application of Personalized Fertility Care

The Clinical Application of Personalized Fertility Care

Dr Denise Furness PhD. as she presents at the 2017 BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

Dr Furness outlines nutrigenomics and how it can be apply it to your clinic. She discusses the basic terminology associated with genetic testing, why Australian practitioners should use Australian companies with Listed medicines and determines which patients will benefit from genetic profiling.
Additionally, Dr Furness will discuss additional testing options required to personalise treatment to maximise genetic results.
She navigates through genetic reports and assists the practitioner to understand gene variation results options based on genetics and associated testing.
Utilizing her expertise, Dr Furness will discuss the main reasons for increased infertility in Australia and developed countries. She identifies recognized, potentially harmful chemicals and toxins that can impact on gamete quality and pregnancy outcomes. The practitioner can also learn about important genes involved in methylation and detoxification and how gene variations (SNPs) within these pathways and systems effect fertility. Dr Furness will also discuss the testing options to assist identification of genetic variability and biochemical changes and which certain nutrients can support pathways and systems to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

Accreditation Points
PSA: 8 group 2 CPD credits
NHAA: 8 CPD credits
ARONAH: 4 CPD credits
ATMS: 4 CPD credits

Presented by, Dr Denise Furness PhD BSc RNutr REP


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