Webinar Mastering the Thyroid-Mood Connection - Beth Bundy - 2017

Mastering the Thyroid-Mood Connection - Beth Bundy - 2017

Some of the more common presentations in people with thyroid disorders are emotional and mental health issues. Depending on the type of thyroid condition, symptoms can typically include depression, mood swings, difficulties with cognition, failing memory and anxiety.
While the official incidence of hypothyroidism in Australia is estimated at 5.4 in 1000, the rate of subclinical hypothyroidism, and thus, related mood and cognitive issues, is likely to be much higher. For the clinician, this is a health concern that requires a comprehensive understanding of thyroid function, its relation to wider endocrine physiology and its impact on neurotransmitter and brain function. Only then can the practitioner implement an effective therapeutic strategy.
In this webinar, Beth Bundy ND will examine hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, and their influence on mood changes and intellectual performance. Adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters will also be reviewed as essential elements in relation to pr

CPD information - 1.5 hour of learning

Presented by, Ms Beth Bundy NC


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