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BioCeuticals Internship Program


Who is eligible to apply for the internship?

Any student in their final year of study, with an accredited college or university, who is undertaking clinical placement within their course, is eligible to apply.

How many placements are available?

There are 4 placements for interns. They will be working in two teams, or two people.

How long does the internship program run for?

The total time commitment of the internship program is 5 days per week, for 8weeks.

This is 4 weeks pre-Xmas (24th November - 19th December 2014)

and, 4 weeks post-Xmas (5th January - 30th January 2015)

Is this a paid Internship?

No, interns will not be paid a wage for their time with us.

However, there is a substantial cash bonus at the end of the program, to the team with the winning product concept. There will also be a prize of limited value to the runners-up team.


Is there a guarantee of a job at the end of the internship?

No, we make no guarantee of a position being available at the end of the internship.

However, should we have vacancies at the time, this would certainly be an advantageous “foot in the door”. 


What is the difference between the internship program and the work experience programs?

The internship program is an 8week, team-based, research oriented program with exposure to all departments within our company to help the interns develop a product and bring it from concept to completion, with the possibility of inclusion into the brand(s) at a later stage. This program is based in Sydney, from our head office. There is a maximum of 4 placements per year for this program.

Work experience programs are available in all states (Except ACT and TAS).

Placements for this, are based on a first in, first served basis, and are limited to the available resources of each state. Work experience consists of a “day in the field” with our experienced practitioner consultants, visiting a wide variety of accounts. Such as clinics, specialists, doctors, pharmacies etc. These will only be offered 1-2 times per year, at the discretion of the state sales manager for the applicable state.


Will BioCeuticals cover the travel and accommodation costs for interns in Sydney?

No, any costs associated with travel, accommodation or meals etc. Will need to be covered by the intern themselves.


What experience will an intern expect to gain from the internship?

An intern in our 8week program will be exposed to all elements essential to bringing a product from concept to completion. This includes, but is not limited to: Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Advertising of Therapeutic Goods, Research and Writing, Education and Technical Support, Customer Service and Sales as well as seeing the inner workings of a large complementary medicine company and making invaluable contacts along the way.


Who are the key points of contact at BioCeuticals for the Internship Program?

This program will be facilitated through our Education Department.

Your two key points of contact for queries on the Internship Program are;

Rebecca Guild - Business Development Manager and College Services Co-Ordinator.

Dannielle Newham - Internal Education Manager.

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