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BioCeuticals 2020/2021 Internship Program – CANCELLED 

It is with disappointment that we have made the unfortunate decision to cancel the upcoming 2020/2021 BioCeuticals Internship Program. Due to the current health pandemic we are facing, changing the way we work, communicate and learn, it is not viable for us to run this years program.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest and has sent in your applications. We look forward to hearing from you again next year when we announce the 2021/2022 Internship Program– please keep an eye out for further updates then.

For now, we hope you stay safe, healthy and best of luck with your studies!

Yours in health,
The BioCeuticals Team

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  • Are you a final-year student?

  • Are you currently undertaking your clinical placement portion of your natural medicine course?

  • Are you interested in exploring other avenues to pursue in relation to your naturopathic or nutritional qualifications?

What is the BioCeuticals Internship Program?

The opportunity you need to gain some hands-on experience in formulating therapeutic products, and working within one of Australia’s leading complementary medicine companies! The BioCeuticals Internship Program, designed to run like a "summer-school" across nine full weeks, aims to provide students with an insight into the world of product formulation and regulatory affairs, whilst also being exposed to the marketing, educational and sales aspects of bringing new products to market.

The BioCeuticals Internship Program was founded in 2014 as part of our commitment to support growth of the complementary medicines industry. By inspiring, educating and exposing students of natural medicine to our complex industry, we aim to empower them to lay a solid foundation for their future career.

With better quality patient care and wellbeing in mind, the BioCeuticals education and training programs for both practitioners and students are supported by our professional staff, industry experience and our strong relationships with leading organisations and world-leading integrative medicine experts.

What can interns expect?

Four students will work in teams of two, spending their first four weeks immersing themselves within our company, observing key departments including;

  • customer service & internal sales
  • external sales (in the field)
  • education & practitioner support
  • marketing
  • product development

The teams will have many areas to consider in formulating their products, including;

  • Using and sourcing Australian approved ingredients
  • Sourcing ingredients (e.g. herbs) that are sustainable and standardised
  • Liaising with manufacturers regarding formula inclusions and cost
  • Keeping products therapeutic and inline with evidence essential for the claims of the formula
  • Ensuring the formula is not price prohibitive for consumers
  • How to market and sell the products, whilst working within the advertising code, and the approved claims
  • How their product compares with other, similar competitor formulas on the market for price and potency
  • Method of delivery. ie. Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Liquids, Sprays or powders. With end-compliance in mind.

The second five weeks of the program will be spent researching, refining and preparing their product development concept for presentation to the panel of judges.

Interns will be graded on:

  • Application of knowledge learned
  • Understanding of claims and legal constraints
  • Therapeutic application of the product
  • Marketability including pricing, dosage and competitor analysis

What does the Internship Program offer?

Our successful interns will not only gain wonderful experience and insights into working for a large complementary medicine company, but also a letter of recommendation from BioCeuticals for their CV. Together with this, we want to support them in their first year in practice with a start-up dispensary, as well as some exposure within our FX Medicine magazine and website. Last of all the teams will recieve tickets to the following years symposium as well as cash prizes along the way.

Who is eligible to apply for the internship?

Students who are eligible to apply must be in their final year of study with an accredited college or university, and undertaking clinical placement as part of the following courses only or who have completed their studies in the past 5 years in one if the following courses:

  • Adv. Dip of Naturopathy
  • Adv. Dip Western Herbal Medicine
  • Adv. Dip of Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine
  • Bachelor of Complementary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy

NB: Presently we do not offer this internship to other bands of health professional education. Eg. Pharmacy, Chiropractic etc. Please continue to check back with us for the possibility of developing alternative programs for other health professions.

How do I apply?

If you’re a final-year student, currently undertaking your clinical placement portion of your natural medicine course and interested in exploring other avenues to pursue in relation to your naturopathic or nutritional qualifications, then this could be the opportunity you need to gain some hands-on experience in formulating therapeutic products, and working within one of Australia’s leading complementary medicine companies.

To apply or for more information, contact us at [email protected]
Please include:
  • A copy of your transcript
  • Lecturers letter of recommendation
  • 250-word description of yourself and expectations of the program
  • A brief 1 page CV

Please refer to the Internship Program FAQ’s below and information flyer for further information about the program.

What do previous interns have to say?

Our 2019/2020 interns were chosen from amongst hundreds of applicants and were instrumental in making the program a phenomenal success!
Click on the below video to hear their views on the BioCeuticals Internship program:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many placements are available?

There are four placements for interns. They will be working in teams of two people.

How long does the internship program run for?
The total time commitment of the internship program is similar to a fulltime role. Five days per week for nine weeks. There will be a break over the Christmas period.

Is this a paid Internship?
No, interns will not be paid a wage for their time with us.
However, there is a cash bonus at the end of the program, to the team with the winning product concept. There will also be prizes throughout the program.

Is there a guarantee of a job at the end of the internship?
No, we make no guarantee of a position being available at the end of the internship, however should we have vacancies at the time, this would certainly be an advantageous "foot in the door". A number of past interns have secured roles within the company post-internship!

Will BioCeuticals cover the travel and accommodation costs for interns in and outside Sydney?
No, any costs associated with travel, accommodation or meals etc. will need to be covered by the intern themselves.

What experience will an intern expect to gain from the internship?
An intern in our nine-week program will be exposed to all elements essential to bringing a product from concept to completion. This includes, but is not limited to: Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Advertising of Therapeutic Goods, Research and Writing, Education and Technical Support, Customer Service and Sales as well as seeing the inner workings of a large complementary medicine company and making invaluable contacts along the way.

Who are the key points of contact at BioCeuticals for the Internship Program?
This program will be facilitated through our Education Department.

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