Scientific Advisory Committee

Scientific Advisory Committee

The core values of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and FIT-BioCeuticals are a commitment to research, allowing for the development of something new and innovative; and the establishment of efficacy of existing products and ingredients, allowing all to prescribe in confidence.

"From an ethical standpoint, FIT- BioCeuticals produces the most respected products. From an innovation standpoint, we will always push ourselves to develop the most groundbreaking products within the constraints of the system."

Neal Mercado

Director Research & Development

The SAC has 4 main roles:

1.    Stewardship - ensuring FIT-BioCeuticals’s core values are met;
2.    Innovation - ensuring, where possible, FIT- BioCeuticals is seen as a market leader;
3.    Clinical trials - ensuring efficacy and clinical relevance for what FIT-BioCeuticals sells; and
4.    Education - ensuring both staff and clients understand what FIT-BioCeuticals has to offer.

The SAC includes a well-rounded group of independent doctors, practitioners, scientists, lecturers and regulatory affairs experts - assembled as teams according to the project. It is the role of the SAC Chairman to steer the SAC outcomes to a commercial value.

Training and education is a crucial role of the SAC. The training sub-committee ensures that the research, product development, and findings of the SAC are transferred to the on-road team of practitioner consultants, client relations managers, and the public, promoting both the industry and the innovation of all FIT-BioCeuticals brands.

Clinical investigators currently collaborating with the SAC include:

Dr Robert Buist

Dr Mark Donohoe