BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards (BIMAs)




Even though the 8th BioCeuticals Research Symposium has been cancelled, the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards will still go ahead. Due to the change in program, we have extended the nomination window. 

CLOSING DATE: 25th March 2020
The BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards (BIMAs) will recognise achievements and showcase innovation within the complementary and integrative medicine industry. Nominations will close 25th March 2020.
What will you need to nominate a colleague?

  • Nominee's details.
  • Your top three reasons why you feel this person deserves to receive this award, with supporting evidence and referees if available.
  • All submissions must support the criteria.


1. Clinical Excellence Award

  • Demonstrates excellence of CAM in practice
  • Demonstrates ability to showcase successful treatment outcomes
  • Raising awareness and credibility of the CAM industry
  • Demonstrates commitment to principles of holistic health
  • Demonstrates knowledge, leadership, integrity, health and humanity

Examples may include: publishing a case study that further adds to the body of CAM knowledge and evidence, creating a blog, public speaking seminars, offering ground-breaking new approaches (and results) in a challenging condition or complicated case, commitment to patient care

2. Innovation in Practice Award

  • Demonstrates new or progressive improvements in practice methods
  • Demonstrates impactful new or innovative services, or business/service models
  • Demonstrates a novel methodology, approach or even product
  • Demonstrates knowledge, leadership, integrity, health and humanity

Examples may include: new avenues to treat clients, reach people, educate/train, deliver service, the creation of a unique product/formula

3. Living Legends Award

  • Demonstrates having changed, influenced, or impacted CAM for the better
  • Demonstrates a consistent contribution to the profession for 10 years or more
  • Demonstrates knowledge, leadership, integrity, health and humanity

Examples may include: work that has changed or improved the course of CAM, the reputation of CAM, the body of evidence for CAM, the perception of CAM, the way in which CAM is delivered

4. Contribution to Research, Education and Training Award

  • Demonstrates a meaningful contribution to learning and understanding of CAM
  • Demonstrates raising the standard of education and inspiring practitioners
  • Demonstrates having added to the body evidence for CAM

Exemplifies an outstanding professional representative of our industry, an authority or pioneer
Demonstrates knowledge, leadership, integrity, health and humanity
Examples may include: lecturers, teachers, presenters or educators who have inspired or elevated the education standards or knowledge body of CAM

5. Professional Ambassadorship and Philanthropy Award

  • Demonstrates environmental and/or social responsibility through the use CAM to drive positive change
  • Demonstrates a contribution to bringing CAM to the community
  • Demonstrates a significant contribution to furthering the reputation of CAM and its professionals

Examples may include: a community vegetable garden, workshops in schools on healthy eating, supporting and promoting environmental issues (banning of glyphosate, glass over plastic etc), volunteering CAM services/skills

Eligibility / Terms & Conditions

  1. The person nominated must be practising in the role they are being nominated for at the time of nomination
  2. All submissions must support the criteria
  3. Entrants who breach any of these conditions of entry or provide any false or materially incomplete information are subject to disqualification.
  4. Nominees must be Australasian citizens or permanent residents.
  5. There is no cost to enter the Awards.
  6. It is not appropriate for the person nominating to receive any financial or in-kind sponsorship or support from any corporation or organisation in relation to their entry.
  7. Entries must be submitted electronically.
  8. The judging panel for the Awards will have complete discretion in assessing entries, applying the judging criteria, conditions of entry and determining the award.
  9. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. The judging panel reserves the right not to allocate an award where, in its opinion, there is no entry of sufficient merit.
  11. By entering the Awards, each entrant warrants that all information in its entry is true, accurate and complete.
  12. Winning an award does not signify endorsement of a particular product or a particular health and wellbeing practice/business by the Administrator.
  13. Entrants authorise the Administrator to use the information contained in entries (other than confidential information) for any purpose it sees fit including (but not limited to) promotional, publicity and marketing purposes. No compensation or other payment will be payable to the finalists or winners for using the material submitted.
  14. The Administrator and their staff and agents do not accept any liability, however arising (including liability for negligence) for any accident, loss, injury or damage arising at any time out of or in connection with the Awards except for any liability that cannot, by law, be excluded.
  15. Entrants acknowledge that they may be required for presentations and media interviews during 2020 in respect of their entry and agree to take all reasonable steps to make themselves available for, and actively participate in, such presentations or media interviews.
  16. The judging panel will not receive any monetary funds and will undertake their role and responsibilities objectively and ethically.
  17. Winners will receive a BioCeuticals ‘Golden’ Ticket, which includes complimentary entry into all BioCeuticals educational seminars from May 2020 - May 2021. The ticket includes the 9th BioCeuticals Research Symposium and national seminars only. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

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