Webinar ArmaForce® Range - Isabelle Baissac - 2020

ArmaForce® Range - Isabelle Baissac - 2020

This product training covers products in ArmaForce® Range, including:
- ArmaForce® (original formula)
- ArmaForce® Cough Relief
- ArmaForce® Throat Relief
- ArmaForce® ImmunoBurst
- ArmaForce® Day & Night
- ArmaForce® Pregnancy
- ArmaForce ® Juniors

In this webinar, we will discuss each product and:
- how these products can support a healthy immune system
- the benefits, dosing, and contraindications
- characteristics of a typical patient

CPD information - 1 hour of learning

Presented By: Isabelle Baissac ND BHSc Nat
Category: Product Training


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