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Webinar Dr Dale Bredesen - Alzheimer's disease - Symposium 2019

Dr Dale Bredesen - Alzheimer's disease - Symposium 2019

Session 1:
The first effective treatment for Alzheimer''s disease

Workshop 1:
Case studies of types 1, 1.5, and 2 Alzheimer''s disease

Session 2:
Alzheimer''s and other neurodegenerative diseases: what we have learned from 7 years of ReCODE

Workshop 2:
Case studies of type 3 Alzheimer''s disease: a field unto itself

CPD information
PSA - 8 Group 2 CPD credits
ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA - 4 hours of learning

Presented By: Dr Dale Bredesen
Category: Symposiums


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