Webinar Prof Robert Lustig - The truth about sugar, insulin and obesity - Symposium 2017

Prof Robert Lustig - The truth about sugar, insulin and obesity - Symposium 2017

Join Professor Robert Lustig as he presents at the 2017 BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

During this session he will elucidate the role of insulin in energy storage whilst discussing the concept of the "disposition index' and how either insulin secretion or insulin resistance can affect the other. He will delineate the neural control of insulin release from the beta-cell along with demonstrate how insulin hypersecretion drives peripheral weight gain, and how carbohydrate restriction can remediate this phenomenon.

Professor Lustig will explain how liver fat causes reflex hyperinsulinaemia and weight gain, and how sugar restriction can remediate this phenomenon. He
Furthermore he will outline the difference between obesity and chronic metabolic disease and give you the tools to understand the metabolic differences between glucose and fructose. along with the how liver vs. visceral fat foment insulin resistance.
Finally, Professor Lustig will demonstrate how fructose drives liver fat and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and explain how excess fructose consumption is a primary driver of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

CPD information - 4 hours of learning

Presented by, Professor Robert Lustig MD MSL


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