Webinar Dr Christopher Shade - Effective Detoxification Strategies - Symposium 2017

Dr Christopher Shade - Effective Detoxification Strategies - Symposium 2017

Join Dr Chris Shade as he presents at the 2017 BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

During this presentation you will learn to recognise how toxicity (e.g. from toxic metals, persistent organic pollutants, herbicides, endogenous toxins, etc.) leads to and perpetuates mitochondrial dysfunction
Understand the overlap between toxicity and immune dysfunction and explore how intestinal health can control detoxification.
Furthermore Dr Shade examines physical, mental and emotional disturbances that stem from mercury intoxication and the ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of the three phases of detoxification.
Dr Shade discusses the glutathione system and its central importance to health and detoxification. Using mercury as a model toxin, he identifies the major forms of mercury that humans are exposed to and assists to understand their differences. From this, he discusses a personalised model for toxin elimination that comprehensively addresses the 3 phases of detoxification

CPD information - 4 hours of learning

Presented by, Dr Chris Shade MD


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