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Webinar The Baby Maker Network: PCOS and Fertility

The Baby Maker Network: PCOS and Fertility

PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder in female of reproductive age around the world. Fertility issues are common but so much can be done to help the patient diagnosed with PCOS . In this module, practitioners will be shown all aspects of PCOS and why giving all patients with PCOS the same herbs can often miss the most important areas that need to be addressed. Find out the nuances related to PCOS so you can be effective at helping your patient create a viable pregnancy and possibly change their health and the health of her future family for the better.

Please note, this module was originally developed as part of the wider Baby Maker program. There may at times be minor references to material covered within other modules which would be completed as part of the full program. Purchase of individual modules does not result in the practitioner becoming a member of the Baby Maker network. Enrollment in the complete program is required to become part of the Baby Maker network.

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Presented by, Ms Stacey Roberts


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