Webinar Reprogramming Autoimmunity - Belinda Reynolds - 2016

Reprogramming Autoimmunity - Belinda Reynolds - 2016

Autoimmune conditions are complex disease states. Their development and severity are often influenced by a broad range of factors including genetics, environment, immune dysfunction, infection, dysbiosis, toxicity, intestinal hyper-permeability, deficiencies, dietary factors and stress.
The aim of this webinar is to delve deep into the known imbalances that integrative medicine is able to modify in an attempt to improve the health of patients suffering autoimmune-related illness.

Key learning outcomes from the webinars include:

• A review of the key immune imbalances associated with the development of autoimmune disease

• An investigation of the complex interplay of factors which contribute to immune dysfunction, and thus the development, progression and severity of autoimmune disease and inflammation:

- Nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies (including vitamin D, vitamin A and selenium)
- Mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation and oxidative stress
- Toxicity, and disrupted processes which function to protect against the negative consequences of noxious substances (e.g. Nrf2, AhR receptor)
- Weight gain and related hormonal disruptions (e.g. leptin, oestrogen, progesterone and prolactin)
- Gastrointestinal hyper-permeability (including the role of zonulin expression) and dysbiosis
- Specific infections noted to trigger and/or exacerbate autoimmune illness

• The role of specific botanicals and phytochemicals in providing assistance for immune balance (e.g. berberine, hemidesmus, medicinal mushrooms, astragalus, resveratrol, DIM)

• A focus on the power of a personalised, functional medicine approach to treating patients, and the recognition that pharmaceutical and integrative interventions can work well together to improve the patient quality of life.

CPD information - 4 hours of learning

Presented by, Ms Belinda Reynolds BSc Nut & Diet (Hon)


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