Webinar Masculine Vitality: A scientific and integrative approach to male sexual health - Dr Robert Buist - 2014

Masculine Vitality: A scientific and integrative approach to male sexual health - Dr Robert Buist - 2014

Consider these statistics:
- in at least 50% of cases, infertility of couples is attributed to the male, and 50% of poor sperm results are associated with oxidative stress;
- one in four men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are under the age of 40, and the condition is often a symptom of a more serious health problem;
- it is estimated one in seven Australian men over the age of 40 years are diagnosed with prostate disease, and its frequency increases with age.

These issues of poor sperm health, erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are seldom a topic openly discussed amongst men. They are, however, surprisingly common and are frequently a complication of a bigger issue.

Fortunately, specific dietary and lifestyle modifications, combined with the right supplementation, have the ability to address the root cause of such conditions and consequently enhance male fertility and sexual satisfaction, plus attenuate urinary symptoms for a better quality of life.

Join Dr Robert Buist to understand the research and science behind innovative approaches to:
• mitigate the complications of chronic stress in males
• support healthy hormone balance in men
• optimise sperm health and fertility for natural conception and IVF
• correct erectile dysfunction through management of underlying causes
• understand the causes and processes of BPH
• manage the symptoms of BPH
• reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

This education session will assist you in developing a deeper understanding of men’s health, and will incorporate training on the practical implementation of the above information

Presented by, Dr. Robert Buist


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