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Webinar The Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses of Botanical Preparations

The Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses of Botanical Preparations

The past 30 years has witnessed a virtual explosion in research in herbs, medicinal plants, essential oils, and other plant-derived ingredients and their preparations. St. Johns wort for mild-to-moderate depression, Asian ginseng for erectile dysfunction, extract of Pelargonium sidoides for bronchitis, soy for lowering blood pressure, bacopa extracts for memory enhancement, hibiscus tea for lowering blood pressure, red yeast rice for lowering elevated LDL cholesterol, and numerous others.

This presentation discusses systematic reviews and meta-analyses on these and other popular herbals in order to ensure that healthcare professionals have a more informed awareness of the potential clinical relevance of these botanicals as well as their potential benefits in self-care.

Presented by, Professor Mark Blumenthal Founder & Executive Director, American Botanical Council


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