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  • Unravelling CIRS-WDB An exploration of water-damaged building exposure and biotoxin illness

    A snapshot ... of the CIRS-WDB program available from September 2020: - 8-module online course - Prerecorded 90-minute sessions - Case studies and sample test reports - Downloadable notes and resources - Bonus audio interviews with leading CIRS-related experts. FEATURES OF THE PROGRAM This immersive and interactive program with Amie Skilton provides tangible and practical outcomes, when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of CIRS-WDB, including: - A holistic and comprehensive roadmap to safely and effectively identifying and treating the CIRS-WDB patient, including addressing the environment, pathology testing and diagnosis methods, and treatment strategies - A guide on how to recommend and implement treatment strategies - A high-quality and engaging learning program; the modules are recorded at ABC Studios in Sydney for premium audiovisual delivery - Sessions can be accessed any time, anywhere, with unlimited access to re-watch the modules - Includes online quizzes for revision, and the ability to check learning outcomes, as well as earn CPD points - Bonus audio interviews with CIRS-related experts exploring current and emerging evidence and challenges, as well as key strategies to ensure comprehensive patient management MODULE RELEASE DATES Monday 7 Sep - Introduction to CIRS-WDB Part 1&2 Monday 5 Oct - Secondary complications of CIRS Monday 5 Oct - Early detection of CIRS-WDB Monday 2 Nov - Addressing the environment Monday 2 Nov - Allopathic treatment Monday 7 Dec - Naturopathic treatment Monday 7 Dec - The path to wellness PRICE $499 incl. GST - Full price Monthly payment plan available for $69.00 incl. GST per month for 8 months* - please email us at [email protected] to organise a monthly payment plan. *Subject to Terms & Conditions

    Presented By: Ms Amie Skilton ND, Dip Herb Med. BHSc (Comp Med)

    Cost: $ 499.00 (inc.GST)

  • Transform your business in a changing world

    Navigating our way through the difficult times of the coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis has certainly been a challenge – for businesses across the board including healthcare practitioners. The sudden need to conduct business and clinical consultations remotely can be daunting and overwhelming and, for many, it all seems just too difficult. As a way of addressing these concerns and offering some much needed support, BioCeuticals is excited to introduce Transform your business in a changing world, take your business online and digitaise your practice! Join us online to learn how healthcare practitioners can successfully adapt their businesses online. The course is presented by Tammy Guest, a regular featured guest of FX Medicine podcasts and founder of Natupreneur, a popular business mentorship program for naturopaths (www.tammyguest.com). Sign up to to learn best practice for online consultations, how to transition yourself and clients to the online world, overcoming obstacles. Module 1 - Digitise your practice Module 2 - Offline to online, success pathway overview Module 3 - Mindset to success, preparing for your new way of working Module 4 - Ideal business plan, defining your ideal client, service offering, and structure Module 5 - Money module, establishing pricing and recognising money blocks Module 6 - Digital foundations, planning your website, social media and customer engagement Module 7 - Marketing module, branding, scheduling, storytelling and collaboration Module 8 - Master your magic, discovering your unique gifts and talents and how to weave them into your business CPD information - 12 hours of learning

    Presented By: Ms Tammy Guest

    Cost: $ 499.00 (inc.GST)

  • Digitising your practice - How to pivot your business by going online

    Have you ever thought about taking your practice online or increasing your online presence? If your business is not already online, then now could be the best time to pivot. In these uncertain times what is becoming increasingly clear is, that for the foreseeable future, we could see a downturn in the amount of face-to-face consultations that are carried out by all healthcare practitioners. CPD information - 1.5 hours of learning

    Presented By: Ms Tammy Guest

    Cost: $ Free

  • DNA testing in practice

    A comprehensive education program designed for healthcare practitioners to expand their knowledge of genetics in nutritional medicine. The program consists of 10 modules. They will focus on the relationship between specific genetic variants (SNPs) and their associated health conditions as well as discussing the appropriate therapeutic interventions based on patients’ DNA testing results. This course will help you maximise the potential of genetic testing to personalise patient outcomes. CPD information PSA - 28 Group 2 CPD credits ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA - 18 hours of learning

    Presented By: Dr Denise Furness PhD BSc RNutr REP

    Cost: $ 799.00 (inc.GST)

  • Integrative Oncology In Practice

    Experience an immersive and interactive program with Lise Alschuler where successful case studies are presented and reviewed, providing a tangible and practical learning experience. Utilise the Q&A facility to ask questions and make comments. These are collected and curated for use in exclusive Q&A sessions with Lise Alschuler. 1 hour Q&A session, based on module content and case studies, released one week after a module launch. All sessions can be accessed in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, with unlimited access to re-watch modules. Online quizzes allow for revision and to check your learning, as well as earning CPD points. Please note: all costs are in Australian dollars CPD information PSA - 24 Group 2 CPD credits ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA - 24 hours of learning

    Presented By: Dr. Lise Alschuler ND, FABNO

    Cost: $ 899.00 (inc.GST)

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