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Liquid herbal extract
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Barberry 1:1
Berberis vulgaris
Dosage size (capsule, tablets, scoops, etc)

Serving Type: Oral Liquid

Available In Sizes: 500mL

This product is part of the BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts, a range recommended for practitioners qualified in herbal medicine. The BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts are designed for extemporaneous compounding and dispensing for an individual patient following a consultation.

Product Information


Latin name: Berberis vulgaris

Family: Berberidaceae and Ranunculaceae (buttercup)

Common name: Common barberry, European barberry, berberry

Parts used: Root and stem


There are more than 450 species of the Berberis genus. Common or European barberry is a large shrub with upright, branched, woody stems that grows from 2.5-3m high.
The entire plant is covered in an ash-coloured bark. It has alternate, shortly petioled leaves that grow to around 2.5-4cm long, the primary leaves being reduced to three-forked spines with an enlarged base and the secondary leaves being oval, simple and narrow at the base growing in fascicles. The shrub is covered in racemes of small, pale yellow flowers and the berries are oblong, slightly curved and about 1-1.5cm long. They ripen to a beautiful red colour and have a pleasantly acidic taste. Gerard praised both the berries and leaves as a seasoning for meats and salads. Cows, sheep, goats and a plethora of flying insects are especially fond of barberry.1

Product features:

Vegan friendly


Each 1mL contains herbal extract equiv. to dry:
Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) stem bark 1g

Solvents: 45% organic cane ethanol, 55% mountain spring water.



Recommended dose: 10-20mL per week.

Shake well before dispensing.


For practitioner compounding and dispensing only.

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if seal on cap is broken.
  • Store below 25°C away from direct sunlight.
Clinical Trials

For further education and research, refer to the BioCeuticals Barberry Monograph.


Additional Product Materials

Marketing Materials

  • Barberry Monograph
    Publish Date: 2019-06-14
    Monograph for Berberis vulgaris
  • Herbal Extracts Booklet
    Publish Date: 2019-07-15
    To read more about our five herbal pillars, traditional manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality procedures, download our information booklet.


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