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BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts

BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts


BioCeuticals is renowned for taking the best from nature in order to create high quality, therapeutic formulations.

The new range of BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts follows this philosophical ethos delivering premium, broad-spectrum products for herbal practitioners. Incorporating the highest manufacturing, scientific and ethical standards. Each of the liquid herbs is shaped by five pillars, they are: organically grown and wildcrafted, made using time-honoured techniques, include a combination of fresh and dry, supporting sustainability and scientifically tested.

BioCeuticals Herbal Extracts are designed for extemporaneous compounding and dispensing by an experienced professional qualified in herbal medicine; This should be done following consultation with a patient.

Products within this range are not intended for individual resale.


Watch the video below to find out more about our new Herbal Extract range.

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