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Transform your business in a changing world

Date: Wed 29 Apr 20 - Wed 10 Jun 20

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Navigating our way through the difficult times of the coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis has certainly been a challenge – for businesses across the board including healthcare practitioners. The sudden need to conduct business and clinical consultations remotely can be daunting and overwhelming and, for many, it all seems just too difficult.

As a way of addressing these concerns and offering some much needed support, BioCeuticals is excited to introduce Transform your business in a changing world, take your business online and digitaise your practice! Join us online to learn how healthcare practitioners can successfully adapt their businesses online. The course is presented by Tammy Guest, a regular featured guest of FX Medicine podcasts and founder of Natupreneur, a popular business mentorship program for naturopaths (

Sign up to to learn best practice for online consultations, how to transition yourself and clients to the online world, overcoming obstacles to online, and other ways to make income from online as a practitioner.

Module 1 Digitise Your Practice FREE AVAILABLE NOW FOR FREE
Module 2 Offline to Online, success pathway overview 12pm, Wednesday 29 April 2020
Module 3 Mindset for Success, Preparing you for a new way of working 12pm, Wednesday 6 May 2020
Module 4 Ideal Business Plan, Defining your ideal client, service offering, and structure. 12pm, Wednesday 13 May 2020
Module 5 Money Module, Establishing pricing and recognising money blocks. 12pm, Wednesday 20 May 2020
Module 6 Digital Foundations, Planning your website, social media and customer engagement. 12pm, Wednesday 27 May 2020
Module 7 Marketing Module, We look at branding, scheduling, storytelling and collaboration. 12pm, Wednesday 3 June 2020
Module 8 Master your Magic, Discovering your unique gifts and talents and how to weave them into your business. 12pm, Wednesday 10 June 2020

Each module is 1.5 hours of education, 12 hours of learning and certificates will be available to BioC account holders only. Please ensure you login to your account to register.

This course includes practical and actionable content you can implement immediately so you can get your business online quicker!


  • Live online training session with Tammy Guest
  • Access to the recorded training
  • Printable worksheets and resources
  • Recommendations for tech tools to help you get online fast
  • The support you need to transition to an online practice


Setup the essentials for running your practice online
Planning, pricing and promotion of your practice
Conduct online consultations
Marketing your practice online
Create new income streams for your practice

NOTE: Only BioCeuticals account holders will have an access to the module replays. If you do not have an account, please register here - The applications will be processed within 72 hours. 


Module 1: Digitise your practice - AVAILABLE NOW FOR FREE

  • Understand the importance of having an online presence
  • Understand the basics of various practice management and telehealth digital application
  • Understand the basics of online marketing

Module 2: Offline to Online

  • Understand the distinctions between in clinic and online
  • Identify opportunities to pivot parts of practice including consults, workshops, retreats, seminars into online income streams
  • Create a success pathway for your practice to pivot

Module 3: Mindset for Success

  • Understand the distinction between acquiring knowledge and applying mindset
  • Exploration of the impact of frames and stories in the success of online practice
  • Understand the true cost of time mis management
  • Create a 'flight plan' to clarify goals and vision

Module 4: Ideal Business Plan

  • Identify the importance of Ideal Client and how to niche
  • Create a cohesive business model that works for not just now but in the future
  • Explore productivity tools to create an ideal week

Module 5: Money Module

  • Understand legal and online platform requirements of practice
  • Explore sub conscious beliefs and how they impact business success
  • Identify the traditional and non traditional means to confidently setting prices
  • Understand where to pay attention to grow cashflow

Module 6: Online foundations

  • Identify the must-have components of a website that generates income
  • Understand how to do social media without overwhelm
  • Create a 'one thing' process to cover all your customer engagement
  • Understand the importance of the 'consistent and persistent' mindset in marketing

Module 7: Marketing Module:

  • Understand the basic elements of branding, and why they are not just a logo and colours
  • Create a social media marketing plan
  • Understand the importance of amplifying your value through collaboration and reciprocity
  • Identify the key factors in story telling that engage in any marketing you use

Module 8: Master your Magic

  • Understand the components to creating a business in alignment with your gifts and talents
  • Understand how to create an e-course step by step
  • Understand how to create an e-book step by step
  • Understand how to create a webinar that works
  • Understand how to create a podcast on a shoestring budget

Our Speakers

Ms Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest, the founder of the ‘natupreneur movement’, is a business and mindset mentor for natural health practitioners wanting to do things differently. She helps nats, nuts, herbies and praccies activate change in themselves, their clients and their practices, to achieve incredible things professionally whilst enjoying the ride personally. Apart from mentoring in the natupreneur journey, bringing together the gamechanging NatEx conference and consistently creating trainings online, she is also a degree qualified naturopath, speaker, retreat facilitator, author, mother and helicopter pilot. For more information on Tammy Guest, visit 

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