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Holistic Children’s Health - Melbourne

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Date: Wed 21 Aug 19 - Wed 21 Aug 19
Location: 270 Collins St MELBOURNE VIC Australia 3000

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Holistic Children’s Health
BioCeuticals Seminar Series with Dr Elisa Song

Dr Elisa Song, founded Whole Family Wellness in 2005 with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customised to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. In this seminar, Dr Song draws on her areas of expertise to provide effective integrative treatment strategies for children with complex medical issues, including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autoimmune illness, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, neurological disorders and environmental illness.
The seminar will be filmed at ABC studios in Sydney. All registered attendees will get access to this session recording post event.

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Included National Seminars:

  • Pyrroles, Histamine and Methylation with Trudy Scott, Isabelle Baissac and Amie Skilton
  • Holistic Children's Health with Dr Elise Song
  • The Science of Ketogenesis with Professor Dominic D'Agostino

CPD Accreditation:

  • PSA - seeking accreditation
  • ANTA - 3.5 CPD points
  • NHAA - 7 CPD points
  • ATMS - 3.5 CPD points
  • CMA - 3.5 CPD points

Session 1: Discovering Clinical Clues in Paediatric Functional Medicine
Chronic childhood illness is both preventable and reversible – using a functional medicine approach!
As we face an epidemic of childhood chronic disease, it is imperative that functional medicine practitioners understand and are comfortable with the unique considerations in diagnosing and treating their paediatric patients. During this seminar, we will review the clinical clues on physical exam and history that will help guide our understanding of which core biochemical imbalances may be most relevant. We will look specifically at how children present with:
• the most common nutrient deficiencies
• gut dysbiosis
• mitochondrial dysfunction
• mast cell/histamine dysregulation
• neuro-endocrine imbalance and immune dysfunction
We will explore when and which laboratory tests may be appropriate, and how to prioritise key supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications.
Applications will be discussed for specific conditions such as autism, PANS/PANDAS, atopic disease, and other common childhood concerns.

Session 2: A Functional Medicine Approach to Teenage Anxiety
Our teenagers are facing an alarming epidemic of anxiety along with its many comorbid physical and mental health disorders. Without an understanding of root causes and the underlying pathophysiology and biochemical imbalances associated with teenage anxiety, adolescents may be relegated to a potential lifelong polypharmacy of psychiatric medications, often without relief.
During this seminar, we will:
• explore the physiology of the developing teenage brain to gain insight into why adolescents are so uniquely primed for anxiety and addiction on the one hand, and for adaptive learning and success on the other insults that occur during this critical time of brain development can lead to improper synaptic growth and pruning with lifelong impacts on mental and physical health and wellbeing.
• discuss the potential insults that our teenagers face today and how they can affect teen anxiety – including the Standard American/Australian Diet, and our modern-day teen addictions to addictions to video games, social media, sugar, and ‘Juul’ing’.
• explore how to use a holistic, functional medicine approach to identify core clinical imbalances and use diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications to optimise teenage mood and brain development.
• discuss the challenges of working with a teenage population, and how to motivate change and empower teens to choose a path that will help them thrive into adulthood.
• and finally, discuss how to start young and “stress-proof” our children before adolescent anxiety takes hold.

Registration                        NOW OPEN
Seminar Dates                    Wednesday 21 August 2019
2:30pm - 3:00pm Registration and afternoon tea
3:00pm - 4:30pm Session 1 - Discovering Clinical Clues in Paediatric Functional Medicine
4:30pm - 5:00pm Break
5:00pm - 6:30pm Session 2 - A Functional Medicine Approach to Teenage Anxiety
6:30pm - 7:00pm Q&A Interview with Andrew Whitfield-Cook (FX Medicine)
7:00pm - 8:00pm Dinner 
**Please note: Cancellations made prior to 10 working days will receive a full refund. If you are unable to attend, a colleague may attend at no extra charge. Refunds for cancellations made after this time will be made on a case by case basis. If you are unable to attend, a substitute is welcome at no charge.

Discovering Clinical Clues in Paediatric Functional Medicine

  • Explain why a functional medicine approach is so important for children
  • Explain the elemens of an optimal pediatric physical exam and clinical history
  • Identify the key physical exam and history findings for the most common childhood nutritional deificiencies
  • Recognise the different manifestations of food allergies and sensitivities in children
  • Demonstrate how children may present with various types of gut dysbiosis
  • Discuss the clinical clues that your pediatric patient my have underlying core clinical imbalances, including mitochondrial dysfunction, mast cell dysregulation, detoxification impairment, neuro-endorcrine imbalance, and immune dysfunction
  • Prioritise appropriate laboratory testing and key supplement, diet and lifestyle modifications for your pediatric patient
  • Demonstrate specific applications to common childhood conditions

 A Functional Medicine Approach to Teenage Anxiety

  • Describe the unique physiology of the developing teenage brain
  • Explain how the gut-brain connection axis underlies teenage anxiety
  • Identify the various factors that can harm the developing teenage brain
  • Identify the core clinical imbalances that underlie teenage anxiety
  • Discuss how to implement a functional medicine approach to optimising teenage brain development and reversing anxiety
  • Explain how to address the unique challenges associated with working with teenagers
  • Describe how to 'stress-proof' children to prevent teenage anxiety


Novotel Melbourne on Collins, Australia Room 1 & 2

Venue Information

Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, near the Regent Theatre, Princess Theatre, Etihad Stadium and Rod Laver Arena, Novotel Melbourne on Collins is one of the best-located hotels for business and leisure travel.
Novotel Melbourne on Collins provides complete valet parking facilities to both conference and accommodation guests. All parking is subject to availability. Delegates are welcome to park at a rate of $59.00 per vehicle, per day. In house accommodation guests receive an overnight parking rate of $49.00 per vehicle, per day.

Our Speakers

Dr Elisa Song

Elisa Song, MD founded Whole Child Wellness in 2005 (which became Whole Family Wellness in 2013, with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customized to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. Dr. Song has a special interest in providing integrative care for children with complex medical issues, including autism, ADHD, asthma, autoimmune illness, eczema, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and other neurological disorders, and environmental illness.

Dr. Song graduated with distinction in political science from Stanford University, attended NYU School of Medicine and trained in Pediatrics at UCSF Medical Center. She earned a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley. Dr. Song has additional training in functional medicine/holistic nutrition, homeopathy & homeopathic detoxification, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and flower essences. She is board-certified in pediatrics and holistic medicine, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Song has been trained in the biomedical approach to autism. Additionally, Dr. Song provides training in integrative pediatric care to pediatric healthcare professionals through the Holistic Pediatric Association, and teaches clinical homeopathy to physicians for the CEDH (Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy). She also teaches pediatric acupuncture for the Academy of Pain Research, and has lectured on pediatric functional medicine for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. Song created the Healthy Kids Happy Kids blog ( to bring her experience as a holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert to parents everywhere. She is also the host of the Thriving Child Summit ( – a life-changing online event for parents to learn how to help their children thrive.

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