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Celloid Masterclass Series - Melbourne

Event Location

Date: Sat 21 Jul 18 - Sun 22 Jul 18
Location: 917 Riversdale Rd SURREY HILLS VIC Australia 3127

Event Details

Clinical success using multiple modalities with Christina Scalone
This workshop series is an excellent opportunity for students and experienced practitioners to attend a highly informative masterclass. Presented by Christina Scalone, who has 34 years of clinical experience, the series will include treatment strategies and insights and encourage case study discussion.
The application of mineral therapy as a stand-alone therapy and how these can be used adjunctively with herbs to support a range of conditions will be outlined.
Christina’s entertaining lecture and dynamic workshop style guarantees an interactive and inspiring format that will provide you with valuable tips and prescribing techniques. Truly a must-see event!

Australian Mineral Therapy when prescribed by a healthcare practitioner:
• Complements other modalities
• Is suitable for the elderly, babies,children, pregnant and lactating women
• Is economical – encourages patient compliance
• Is useful for both acute and chronic conditions
• Is backed by over 80 years of empirical research and traditional naturopathic use.

Workshop is spread over two days, 80% attendance is required for completion.

Blackmores Professional is seeking CPE & CPD accreditation for this event. More information on the qualifying associations and points breakdown will be provided soon. 80% attendance is required.

Session Dates
Saturday 21 July 2018
Sunday 22 July 2018

Registration            9:30am - 10:00am
Session                   10:00am  - 4:00pm

Registration                                                 NOW OPEN

Seminar Dates                                          Saturday 21 July 2018
                                                                    Sunday 22 July 2018
 Blackmores Professional is seeking CPE & CPD accreditation for this event. More information on the qualifying associations and points breakdown will be provided soon.  80% attendance is required.

Registration            9:30am - 10:00am 
Session                   10:00am  - 4:00pm

Learning Objectives 


• Gain confidence in dispensing a range of modalities that complement each other and how these can be used to develop a personalised prescribing style for better clinical outcomes 

• Acquire the ability to manage challenging conditions 

• Discover the role of mineral therapy when used as an adjunct to herbs to improve patient outcomes and as a stand-alone modality 

• Identify the key characteristics of personalised prescribing 

• Gain confidence in interpreting presenting body signs and symptoms 

Learn about the different dosing strategies for patients with acute and chronic conditions. 

Blackmores Melbourne

Venue Information

Our Speakers

Ms Christina Scalone

Christina Scalone
Adv D Nat, Adv DWHM, Adv D Hom, Adv D Nut Med, DCH

 Christina remains incredibly passionate about naturopathic medicine after 34 years of experience and is known as an influential practitioner. She was taught by Denis Stewart and since then, Christina has had a diverse career that includes a number of successful clinics and working with doctors. Currently, she is a popular college lecturer and clinic supervisor in addition to having her own busy private practice.

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