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Volume 92 : FX Medicine Summer
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Volume 92 : FX Medicine Summer

Volume 92 : FX Medicine Summer

Published: 2018-12-01
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Author: BioCeuticals

This issue we look to the future with a particular focus on the health of our children. Dr Leila Masson goes back to basics as she outlines treatments than can help to relieve anxiety and sleep issues in children. Allergies and atopy in children is a regular part of practice for many, so we look at novel approaches to treatment incorporating probiotics as well as herbs and nutrients. Naturopath, Alicia Davies, explains the appropriate protocol behind dosing for children and naturopathic entrepreneur, Tammy Guest shares her practical tips for bundling a speciality business again, with a focus on children. Trusted Scientific Advisory Committee member, Justin Sinclair, shares his perceptive insights into the use of medicinal cannabis and childhood epilepsy.

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