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Our Commitment to Practitioners - A note from Marcus Blackmore

Our Commitment to Practitioners - A note from Marcus Blackmore
Date: 2012-07-13
Author: Marcus C. Blackmore
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I was very proud last week when we announced Blackmores’ acquisition of FIT-BioCeuticals as we have long held a healthy respect for their products, their talented people and their contribution to research. We also recognise that BioCeuticals has established and developed their own special relationships with Practi- tioners and we are highly committed to protecting these relationships.

Since our announcement, some Practitioners have expressed their concerns that Blackmores will take Bio- Ceuticals products into the likes of supermarkets.

Blackmores originated as a Practitioner range 80 years ago when my father, Maurice Blackmore, developed a range of ‘Celloid’ minerals for practitioner prescription. Over the years, Blackmores grew to become the leading retail natural healthcare brand and, it’s fair to say, we haven’t performed well in servicing the Practi- tioner market. This is one of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about BioCeuticals – they have done an outstanding job in looking after Practitioners and you have my assurance that this will continue. We are ab- solutely committed to preserving BioCeuticals as a Practitioner-only range.

Together, Blackmores and BioCeuticals combine the collective capability of over 100 qualified healthcare professionals, including naturopaths, pharmacists and integrative medicine practitioners. We will have a depth of knowledge and richness of expertise that is unrivalled.

We will increase our investment in research, innovation and healthcare professional education and ensure that we provide you with better products and improved service.

In the meantime, as Blackmores and BioCeuticals will continue to operate separately, your personal point of support will remain the same. If you have any further queries though, please do not hesitate to contact Blackmores Customer Service on 1800 808 522 or FIT-BioCeuticals Customer Service on 1300 650 455.

If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss directly with me or Blackmores Chief Executive Of- ficer, Christine Holgate, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9910 5125.

Kind regards

Marcus C. Blackmore


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