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Introducing the Internship Program
Date: 2014-07-22
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BioCeuticals Education Department are excited to announce a new initiative for 2014, with the implementation of our first student-centred internship program.

This program, designed to run like a “summer-school” across eight full weeks, aims to provide students with an insight into the world of product formulation and regulatory affairs, whilst also being exposed to the marketing, educational and sales aspects of bringing new products to market.

Kicking off our first year, this opportunity is open to four students. These students will work in teams of two. They will spend their first four weeks immersing themselves within our company, observing key departments including;

  • customer service & internal sales
  • external sales (in the field)
  • education & practitioner support
  • marketing and;
  • product development

Following that first four weeks, there will be a break for Christmas and New Year, and upon returning the interns will regroup with our facilitators to share their concepts for product design. They will then spend the next four weeks, working on bringing their product design from concept to completion with the help of our education, product development and marketing teams. 

The teams will have many areas to consider in formulating their products, including;

  • Using and sourcing Australian approved ingredients
  • Sourcing ingredients (e.g. herbs) that are sustainable and standardised
  • Liaising with manufacturers regarding formula inclusions and cost
  • Keeping products therapeutic and inline with evidence essential for the claims of the formula
  • Ensuring the formula is not price prohibitive for consumers
  • How to market and sell the products, whilst working within the advertising code, and the approved claims
  • How their product compares with other, similar competitor formulas on the market for price and potency
  • Method of delivery. ie. Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Liquids, Sprays or powders. With end-compliance in mind. 

Our successful interns will not only gain wonderful experience and insights into working for a large complementary medicine company, but also a letter of recommendation from us for their CV. Together with this, we want to support them in their first year of practice with a voucher for a start-up dispensary, and ongoing discount for their first year in business, and some exposure within our Fx Medicine and website. Last of all the teams will share in a cash prize pool of $8,000 at the end of the program, with the lions-share going to the winning team.

So if you’re a final-year student, currently undertaking your clinical placement portion of your course, (or graduated anytime in 2014), and interested in exploring other avenues to persue in relation to your naturopathic or nutritional qualifications, then this could be the opportunity you need to gain some hands-on experience in formulating therapeutic products, and working within one of Australia’s leading complementary medicine companies.

Refer to the Internship Program FAQ’s and Flier for further information on how to apply for the internship or email [email protected] .




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