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Introducing Informed Prescribing with BioCeuticals and IMgateway®

Introducing Informed Prescribing with BioCeuticals and IMgateway®
Date: 2017-05-12
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Introducing Informed Prescribing with BioCeuticals and IMgateway®

As more people turn to natural remedies for relief, drug and herb interactions are becoming an important considering in naturopathic prescription. To help cut down on time spent searching these interactions, BioCeuticals, in collaboration with IMgateway®, have made available in-depth herb/nutrient and drug interaction recommendations, accessible directly through the “Practitioner Only” section of the BioCeuticals website.

By navigating to the product page, the herb/nutrient and drug interactions section will categorise information using a convenient, simple traffic light system for quick referencing:

Red - Avoid. The colour red will highlight combinations that have shown to have negative interactions. These combinations should be avoided.
Yellow - Caution. Yellow indicates that caution should taken when prescribing these combinations. These combinations will educe the effectiveness of their counter parts.
Green - Unlikely interaction. The colour green highlights that although there has been some evidence of interaction between the herb/nutrient and drug, it is unlikely that this will occur.

For even more detail, links are provided for each interaction, citing the research, aim and methodology of the study.

This comprehensive, evidence-based research is collated by a committee of highly educated and credible researchers from The University of Sydney. The extensive and unbiased research enables practitioners to cross-reference ingredients within a recommended BioCeuticals product, against conventional pharmaceuticals.

With ready access to contraindications and other interactions, this clinical tool will further enhance your treatment strategy and patient outcomes. Research attached to each interaction can be accessed further at the simple click of a button to help build your own knowledge.

Key features and benefits

  • Quickly and easily access herb/nutrient and drug interaction information using your BioCeuticals website login
  • View individual ingredient interactions within your chosen BioCeuticals product at the one time
  • Easy to understand traffic-light system to instantly view warnings, cautions and interactions
  • Evidence-based and independently verified by researchers from The University of Sydney
  • Free access to all BioCeuticals practitioner members
  • Build your own knowledge by accessing the research behind the drug-herb/nutrient interactions

For more information watch this short, informative video.

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