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BioCeuticals is at the forefront of new product development, research and innovation

BioCeuticals is at the forefront of new product development, research and innovation
Date: 2013-02-04
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New products, events and education coming your way

BioCeuticals is excited to let you know how you will benefit from the continued quality research and business tools that will soon come your way in customer service, training and education, as well as market-first product development. 

Following are some exciting new ventures that BioCeuticals is investing in, to ultimately support practitioners’ business while giving your patients the absolute best in natural medicine. These new elements of our service confirm our position as Australia’s leading provider of practitioner-only, therapeutic supplements.

New Product Development & Innovation

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is pleased to welcome aboard the world’s foremost expert in vitamin D development, Professor Michael F. Holick, to its board of consultants. As the first to identify the major circulating form of vitamin D in human blood and currently holding a professorship at the USA’s Boston University, Prof. Holick will contribute to product development, seminars, events and more.

The BioCeuticals product development team have been busily working on an array of market-first innovations, formulated in response to practitioner and patient needs. In the next few months, you’ll be pleased to see new product developments that include further extensions to BioCeuticals hero ranges.Stay tuned for long-awaited products for heart, brain and eye health. The year ahead is shaping up to be dynamic for our product development team, with a competitive line-up of formulations planned for release. 

BioCeuticals Under Clinical Trials 

Did you know BioCeuticals renowned formulations are currently under multiple clinical trials, both in Australia and internationally? Key clinical trials that are supported by BioCeuticals include:

  • BioCeuticals D3 liquid emulsion in paediatric vitamin D supplementation trial and Perthes disease trial at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW.
  • UltraClean EPA/DHA Plus and CardioNutrients in The Alfred Hospital’s MPM orthopaedic recovery trial and Integrative Cardiac Wellness Program.
  • UltraBiotic 45 in the University of Queensland and Tasmania’s research into probiotics and their influence on heat stress and intestinal permeability.
  • UltraBiotic 45 under trial at the Defence Medical and Environmental Research Institute, Singapore.
  • Australian Football League (AFL) players at the Melbourne Football Club have been prescribed BioCeuticals supplements in an observational study to monitor health and performance improvements.
  • BioCeuticals fish oils under trial at The Black Dog Institute’s research into omega-3 supplementation for healthy mood.

This year, BioCeuticals will bring forward more contributions to clinical research and development, including an international trial studying the gut:brain axis. Furthermore, Dr Jerome Sarris, from The University of Melbourne’s Department of Psychiatry, is part of a team of eminent academics conducting a groundbreaking trial on mitochondrial nutraceutical agents in the treatment of bipolar disorder

Special Event: BioCeuticals Research Symposium

BioCeuticals is pleased to announce the inaugural BioCeuticals Research Symposium featuring leading international and Australian guest speakers, tailored to further practitioner education and improve clinical applications. 

The BioCeuticals Research Symposium will take place from 10-11 May, 2013 at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel and will feature:

Presentations of key findings, clinical research and new perspectives in the area of Integrative Medicine.

  • An impressive line-up of speakers, with a full program to be announced soon. The first round of confirmed keynote speakers includes:
    • World renowned vitamin D expert, Prof. Michael Holick, Boston University, USA.
    • Dr Lise Alschuler, Integrative Oncology, USA.
    • Prof. Frank Rosenfeldt, Head of Cardiac Surgical Research Unit, Alfred Hospital, Victoria;
    • Integrative general practitioner Dr Mark Donohoe (facilitator) and more.
  • A diverse schedule of topics to be covered, some of which include: 
    • The treatment of cholesterol; 
    • Cardiovascular surgery; 
    • Probiotics for mastitis; 
    • Vitamin D developments and more.

To register for the BioCeuticals Research Symposium, contact your Customer Service Representative on 1300 650 455 or email [email protected]  

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