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BioCeuticals and the Blackmores Group inspire action on climate change and sustainability

BioCeuticals and the Blackmores Group inspire action on climate change and sustainability
Date: 2019-07-25
Author: - Editor
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Global fish stocks are predicted to decline, krill numbers will be affected under conditions of global warming, and medicinal plant species loss is estimated to be 100-1000 times higher than the expected natural extinction rate – these are just some of the latest findings published in a new report by the Blackmores Institute, our proud affiliate and the research arm of the Blackmores Group.

The scientific literature review, Sustainable Nutrition, assesses climate change, its predicted impacts on human nutritional needs, future access to medicinal herbs and key ingredients used in natural medicine.

BioCeuticals Director of Development, Research and Emerging Markets, Belinda Reynolds, welcomed the report and highlighted the importance in protecting natural ingredients for future generations.

“At BioCeuticals, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the medicinal plants in our formulas and follow a strict policy to maintain the continued use of these herbs.

“As the popularity of herbal medicines continues to rise, with more than 80% of the world population using herbal products as their source of primary healthcare*, careful consideration must be given to ensure the sustainability of these precious natural resources,” said Ms Reynolds.

At BioCeuticals, our existing Sustainability Policy is based on the existing conservation work of several organisations including CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora), TRAFFIC (the wildlife trade monitoring network), United Plant Savers, and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Any herb classified as threatened by these organisations is not considered for inclusion in any BioCeuticals formula unless a sustainable source may be accessed.

“As leaders in the wellness revolution, and being at the forefront of innovation, integrity and service, we welcome the Sustainable Nutrition report and encourage our practitioner clients and their patients to join us in embracing change and growing our understanding of climate change,” said Ms Reynolds,

Sustainable Nutrition explores:
• The impact of climate change on human nutritional needs and changing requirements for supplementary nutrients
• The need to build a resilient, sustainable supply chain and secure future access to nutrients from natural sources
• The responsibility to mitigate global warming by managing emissions
• The Blackmores Group approach to address climate change

The report, based on a comprehensive literature review, considers the likely impact of climate change on flora and fauna, reviews how the nutritional composition of our foods may change as well as the effects on medicinal plants and marine biodiversity. This informs a better understanding of issues including nutrient availability.

Blackmores Institute Director Dr Lesley Braun said our industry also has a reliance on the natural environment, and it is vital we take responsibility for its protection.

“We will also continue to diversify our sources of omega-3s so we build greater resilience into our supply chain. We’re seeing promising developments in algal sources of omega-3s as well as alternative omega sources with a more sustainable biomass to take pressure off fish stocks.”

“We have started working with farming organisations in Australia looking at how we can make use of by-products from food processing to extract valuable nutrients and fibres for products that would otherwise go to landfill, said Dr Braun.”

Read the full report at:

*Kunle OF, Egharevba HO, Ahmadu PO. Standardization of herbal medicines – a review. Int J Biodvers Conserv 2012;4(3):101-112

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