Frequently Asked Question Practitioner

How do I complete my accreditation?

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How does my patient register their test?

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Can the test be purchased by consumers/patients online?

No. The BioCeuticals DNA Test Kit may only be provided through accredited healthcare professionals. This is to ensure that the practitioner has all the necessary knowledge and training to explain the nutrigenomic test results correctly and provide the patient the best advice.

Test kits can be sent directly to patients. Please watch the video How do I order a DNA test kit? to view this process (skip to 2:05).

What do I receive in my test kit?

Each DNA Test Kit provides one DNA swab, one unique registration code and one reply paid envelope. We use quality control measures to ensure accurate testing and analysis.

How long does it take to receive results?

Once we have received the DNA sample, it takes our lab and scientific team 15 to 20 business days to process your patient’s results and send a report back to you. If you are concerned of any delays please contact [email protected] 

What happens if the patient's test fails?

If the test fails the lab will re-attempt running the sample. If the reattempt fails a new kit will be automatically sent to you at no extra cost and you will be notified via email that this has occurred. The test may fail due to the following:

  • The most likely is that they are a non-shedder. This is rare, but some people don’t shed sufficient amounts of cheek cells to gain enough DNA for the test.
  • Less likely, in the case that they have performed the test multiple times, is that they are sampling or storing the sample incorrectly.
  • There is some sort of inhibitor present in the sample (e.g. lipstick, mouth wash, cigarette smoke or similar).

There is a limit of three reattempts, so ensure your patient is clear on how to complete the test. It may be best if the practitioner is present to ensure the test is performed and sent correctly. Please see this demonstration on How to obtain an accurate DNA sample.

How do I register/activate my patient's test?

Make a note of the 10-digit barcode from your patient’s test kit and clarify if your patient would like status updates on their DNA sample. Create a new profile for your patient on the Clinical Services website. Click on the link to activate/register a new test for your patient. Enter the barcode from the test kit here, choose the bundle most indicated for the patient, and complete the checkout process. You can watch the registration process here - How do i register a test kit?

How does my patient complete the test?

The test can be completed in clinic or in the comfort of their own home. The patient removes the swab from its pouch, and brush the inside of their cheek with the swab to take a sample. They fill out the barcoded sticker with their details, and then place this sticker on the swab tube and place it back inside the pouch. This is then sent back to the testing centre using the enclosed envelope. It only takes 10 minutes to swab and register.

Please see Obtaining accurate DNA sample and How does my patient register their test? to watch these processes.

What happens if my patient's test is not received?

Once you have registered the test, if after 15 business days it has not been received, you will be advised by Clinical Services and asked to contact your patient.

What is myDNA™

Clinical Services chooses to partner with myDNA™, the leading provider of personalised medicine services in Australia. myDNA™ uses state-of-the-art sequencing technology, accredited laboratories, trained staff and a strict quality assurance process to control reliability and validity of tests.

How long are DNA samples kept for?

DNA samples are kept indefinitely, to allow us to tell our patients about new genetic findings specific to them as information becomes available. DNA samples can be destroyed at any time at the patient’s request. Please contact [email protected] to obtain the request to destroy DNA form.

How is my patient's privacy protected?

Network security controls as well as an encrypted patient database means that data is inaccessible and illegible to unauthorised individuals. SSL certificates, some of the strongest encryption technology available, are implemented over our website and web-based applications, ensuring an additional layer of security. Results will not be shared with insurance companies.

How does the DNA Test Kit ensure accuracy?

The swab used in our testing kits, a TGA listed medical device, is created in a sterile environment utilising an active drying agent, and is contained in a heat sealed bag. The swab itself will remain safe & sterile.

My DNA test kit is or nearing expiry - what do I do?

The swabs are still fine to use after the expiry - the printed date is manufacturing requirement as its considered a medical device. The swab itself is plastic and nylon so doesn't expire.Even if your kit is past its listed expiry date, it is still safe, accurate, and usable for the purpose of DNA testing.

At myDNA (our Melbourne based lab), we use Copan hDNAFree FLOQSwabs™ for the collection of human DNA cells in our collection kits. These swabs are multipurpose, meaning they can also be used for many other purposes than DNA testing. MyDNA warrant that provided the swab is completed correctly as per the instructions, we will be able to extract sufficient DNA for our testing – regardless of the age of the swab.

In addition, the swab itself will remain safe & sterile regardless of age and pose no risk to you, even if it’s past the listed expiry date.

Can I obtain the DNA raw data file (like 23andme/Ancenstry) ?

We already provide all the data we are testing for on the summary report (the RS number & result). We only specifically test for 60 snps, all of which you can see in the Wellbeing Bundle Summary Report. We’re unable to provide a text or excel file with the unformatted data for these 60 snps (in a similar way to what 23 and Me produce) as we are already interpreting the data for practitioners.

The benefit of using BioCeuticals DNA Testing is the data also has meaning to it whereas obtaining the raw data file you will only see rs numbers and the result. This can be confusing and a timely process in deciphering the data file.