About DNA Testing

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What is DNA testing?

With quality, innovation and integrity as guiding principles, BioCeuticals’ commitment to supporting practitioners in clinical practice has led to the creation of a range of specialised diagnostic and clinical solutions, beginning with the release of it’s genetic testing service.

DNA testing is a sophisticated investigative tool which identifies variations in chromosomes, genes and proteins, otherwise known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) through obtaining a non-invasive sample from the body.

The BioCeuticals difference

Unique Report

Our unique reporting system provides you with an advanced and intuitive interface allowing you to conveniently explore your patient’s results with as much depth and supporting evidence as you require.

How do I qualify?

To gain access to the range of BioCeuticals DNA tests, you must be a qualified healthcare practitioner and have an account with BioCeuticals. You will need to complete the prerequisite training, which includes three free, quick and easy online introductory education modules.


Clinical Services fully equips you with the knowledge and ongoing training you need to provide an integrative and individualised DNA testing package for your patients. Before you can gain access to our DNA testing, three online education modules will need to be completed by you, which are fully CPE accredited. The Education Platform of the Clinical Services website features supportive materials, as well as webinars, audio and video podcasts and evidence-based articles for ongoing support.


DNA testing offers an extraordinary business opportunity and provides the tools to assist you in building your services offered. This enables you to give patients innovative, cutting-edge and targeted advice to enhance their treatment outcomes. You will be able to easily identify opportunities, and formulate preventative and targeted prescriptions, not only enhancing the ease in which you treat, but also the resultant outcomes of your treatment.

What do we test?

BioCeuticals recognises the value genetic testing can provide, highlighting the inter-relationships between genes, nutrition and lifestyle. Thus, we have developed a range of test panels that focus on key areas of health management, including mood, detoxification, methylation, hormones and fertility. By adhering to rigorous scientific standards, we have selected only those gene variants where a strong gene/environment association has been repeatedly shown.

Ongoing practitioner support